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Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2: New IP67 sound chip, 13-hour battery, costing 100 USD

The new Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 model gives users many new enhancements in terms of hardware such as the new audio chipset, increasing the battery capacity with more advanced water and dust protection. Despite a comprehensive upgrade, the Wonderboom 2 version remains the same price compared to the previous version of 100 USD.

Outside of Wonderboom 2 still maintains the same design language as its predecessor, but the size of the speaker is slightly larger than Wonderboom. The buttons on the top of the speaker are also changed to make it easier to control the speaker with many new features.

Inside Wonderboom 2 is a completely new chipset that promises a clearer sound with an additional 10 percent bass boost. In addition, the product also has an Outdoor Boost Mode which improves sound quality in outdoor conditions as well as enhances high-range energy so that users can hear more details.

Battery life also increased by 30 percent to 13 hours compared to 10 hours for the previous Wonderboom version. Even so, Wonderboom 2's full charge time is kept under 3 hours.

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New IP67 dust and water resistant ability with a protective film using new material covering the speaker makes it more resistant to dust and sand and at the same time increased resistance to falling and shock Products. Similar to the previous product Wonderboom 2 is also capable of floating on the surface of the water so you can enjoy a picnic or pool party without worrying too much.

UE Wonderboom 2 also has a mode to connect two speakers together to create a stereo system, two left channels must help listeners can listen to music or watch movies depending on the need to use.
The product is now available in Europe and will appear in the US on June 25th.


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