Ukraine's defense minister is under pressure to sue

Ukraine’s defense minister is under pressure to sue

Ukraine’s Defense Minister Andriy Taran recently faced serious accusations from Army Commander General Serhiy Korniychuk, who is most likely to succeed him.

In addition, the Chief of Staff of the Ukraine Army – General Ruslan Khomchak, along with the Commander of the Ukraine Air Force – General Sergey Drozdov also filed a lawsuit against the head of the Ministry of Defense.

Previously, all of these high-ranking military personnel had received severe penalties from the Defense Minister following the inspections.

As for General Drozdov, he is the defendant in the investigation of the An-26 transport plane crash that caused the deaths of practitioners and teachers at Kharkov Air Force University – who were on board.

Not only that, but General Igor Khomenko, who was previously dismissed from the position of Head of the Military Medical Department of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, is also filing a complaint against the Defense Minister Taran.

The Ukrainian School of Defense is currently running around the world
Ukraine’s Defense Minister Andriy Taran is in danger of being deposed

There are many different views on the cause of the conflict, because the above case is unprecedented.

Taran is said to have accepted an offer from the Presidential Office asking to resign, but he declined and said he would not voluntarily do so. This is probably the main cause leading to the denunciations from the generals.

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