Ukraine opened criminal cases against Mr. Biden and Poroshenko

Ukraine opened criminal cases against Mr. Biden and Poroshenko

Two criminal cases were reported to be prosecuted in Ukraine against former President Petro Poroshenko and current US President Joseph Biden on suspicion of interfering with the activities of one of the former attorney general’s attorneys. This was announced by former president Igor Golovan’s lawyer.

“On January 22, two days after the inauguration of the US President, two new criminal cases were prosecuted regarding the accusations of Poroshenko and Mr. Biden of interfering with the activities of former Ukraine prosecutor general. “, The Klymenko Time portal said on January 26.

In May 2020, Mr. Derkach released the audio documents, which he said were evidence of Mr. Biden’s influence on Petro Poroshenko. Senator Derkach confirmed that the documents came to him from journalists, and that Mr. Poroshenko personally made the recording.

After Congressman Derkach released the tapes, the US added him to the list of sanctions for allegedly meddling in the US presidential election. Subsequently, the US Treasury Department reported that Derkach had been working for Russian special services for more than 10 years. This politician calls such sanctions an act of revenge.

Ukraine opened a crime scene with Biden and Poroshenko
US President Biden and former President of Ukraine Poroshenko have become subjects of the criminal case

In Ukraine, Mr. Biden was tied to a scandal involving Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin being sacked in 2016. Then, as vice president of the United States, he was said to have put pressure on the president. Poroshenko and asked to remove the head of the supervisory department, otherwise Kiev could lose $ 1 billion in guarantees for Washington’s loans in Ukraine’s gas company Urisma.

On January 11, the US Treasury Department announced sanctions against 7 Ukrainian citizens and 4 sources of information related to the US election interference. According to the US, the individuals and organizations imposed with the sanctions are part of a “network of Russian influence related to Andrei Derkach”.

The list includes former representatives of the Ukrainian government Konstantin Kulik, Oleksandr Onishchenko and Andriy Telizhenko, the current Vice President of the People’s Servant Party Oleksandr Dubinsky, as well as Derkach’s aides Pyotr Zhuravel, Dmitry Kovalchuk and Anton Symonenko .

Penalties are also imposed on the two portals Only News and Skeptic owned by Zhuravel, as well as Nabu Leaks and Era-Media, which, according to Washington, have “distributed false information in the interests of Derkach”.

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