Ukraine lost 2 troops, Donetsk lost its settlement

Ukraine lost 2 troops, Donetsk lost its settlement

Since the beginning of April, the situation on the Ukrainian frontier and the separatist forces in the East, the Donbass region, has become seriously strained.

Clip of the Ukrainian army destroying the entire settlement in Donbass:

According to sources in Donbass, the village of Zaitsevo was destroyed due to attacks by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The sources reported that civilians were injured and killed, however, Ukrainian sources reported that military equipment was destroyed due to an artillery attack but there is now video proving that the Force Ukrainian armed forces have precisely attacked people’s homes.

It is known that forces of the self-proclaimed republics in Donbass have retaliated against the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. However, currently there is no information about the damage of this force.

In previous incidents that killed Ukrainian soldiers, the separatist forces said they had hit by mines that the Ukrainian army had previously sprayed in the border area.

The head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, Denis Pushilin, said that Ukraine was preparing to launch a total attack on the Donbass region in the near future. Currently, they are actively preparing forces and means of combat for this.

“Ukraine has been preparing everything to attack the Donbass area. If the decision to attack is taken, it will cause disaster for the entire people of Ukraine” – Mr. Pushilin said.

The head of the Donetsk People’s Republic quoted data from the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission. This source said that, more than 600 armored vehicles and a large number of soldiers of the armed forces of Ukraine gathered in the line separating Ukraine and eastern Ukraine.

During that time, on April 6, the Ukrainian armed forces reported two soldiers were killed. According to Reuters, the Ukrainian army on April 6 announced that two of their soldiers were killed in the last 24 hours under the fire of pro-Russian forces in the east, adding to the already very tense situation.

In recent weeks, Kiev has accused Russia of exerting pressure by deploying troops close to the border, the frequency of attacks by separatist forces has also increased. This information was rated “well-founded” by the US and NATO.

For its part, the Kremlin showed no concessions, claiming that the maneuvering near the border “did not threaten” to Ukraine or anyone, and that Russia had the freedom to move troops over its territory.

Washington asked Russia to explain the “provocation” and declared its willingness to participate.

Ukraine has 2 offices, Donetsk mat the residence
A trench was pre-dug by the Ukrainian army in the front line.

The Ukrinform newspaper quoted a recent report by the representative of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) responsible for monitoring the ceasefire in Donbass said, from April 2-5, the agency has recorded 1,424 cases of ceasefire violations are committed in the Donetsk region and 126 in the Luhansk region.

Also according to the OSCE, on the night of two days 2-3 consecutive, there were gunfights between the Ukrainian Army and separatist forces in the south of Horlivka, northern Shirokino and some areas in northwestern Donetsk.

“In the Luhansk region, from the evening of April 2-5, we have recorded 126 cases of ceasefire violations, all of which are explosions of unknown origin”, said the OSCE mission.

Most of these explosions were recorded on the evening of April 2 in the north of Kadiivka controlled by separatists and in the southeast by the Ukrainian Army.

Direct conflict, is Donbass easy to win?

According to Russian military expert Alexei Leonkov, the number of the Ukrainian army is actually outnumbering the one in Donbass. However, the armed forces of the Donbass countries have their own advantages.

Ukraine has 2 offices, Donetsk mat the residence
Russian Donbass will turn pro-Russian regions in the East to expand, making Ukraine a landlocked nation!

“If we compare the numbers, it is clear that the Ukrainian army has more troops, more military equipment and weapons. However, the Donbass defenders are very familiar with the terrain in this area.” noted expert Leonkov.

In addition, the militia is currently taking measures to recruit more troops, in case the conflict escalates strongly it will stand up against the Ukrainian army.

“It is not clear which direction the Ukrainian army will advance. However, the armies of the self-proclaimed republics are always ready to fight and determined to prevent and destroy the maximum Ukrainian attack brigade. to bankrupt Ukraine’s rapid attack plan “- expert Leonkov said.

According to Russian experts, it is unlikely that the US will send troops directly to the war to support the military campaign of the Ukrainian Army. But Leonkov argued that any NATO country could, in theory, help the Ukrainian armed forces reverse the course of the confrontation in the East by sending their air force there.

But in this case, the West will receive a “surprise from the Russian side”, especially when President Putin has insisted that Donbass will not be abandoned.

Military expert Leonkov confirmed that the Donbass sky would be protected by Russian air defense complexes. As a result, a no-fly zone will be formed there.

Leonkov affirmed the fact that the Ukrainian Air Force could not support fire from above, which meant that Kiev would not be able to turn the tide in the confrontation with Eastern militias.

“It all depends on whether Ukraine is restrained or not. If they tried to organize an attack instead of merely provoking. Now everything becomes so intense that it just waits for an explosion “- Mr. Leonkov said clearly on YouTube Countdown.

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