Ukraine is ready to hand over half of the Motor Sich to Turkey

Ukraine is ready to hand over half of the Motor Sich to Turkey

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy during his visit to Istanbul on April 10, 2021 suggested to his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan for the sale of a 50% stake in the recently nationalized Motor Sich company. recently.

This initiative may be of great interest to Turkey, which is in desperate need of an engine to produce drones and cruise missiles. The Ukrainian press tried to find out, the reporter spoke to “one of the former employees of the business”.

“Do you think Zelensky just visited Ankara with 50% of Motor Sich’s shares already offered to the Turks. The only question is 50% plus a share or 50% minus a share,” the informant clarified.

The source noted that all developments are confidential by state and commercial secrets. At the same time the head of Motor Sich, Mr. Vyacheslav Boguslaev, has “bonuses” for design and technical documentation. However the design office Ivchenko-Progress – the main developer of the technology is still the state property, even before that.

Ukraine transferred another half of Motor Sich to Tho Nhi Ky
Ukrainian President Zelensky made an important proposal to his counterpart Erdogan

According to the assessment, the products of Motor Sich are in demand in the countries of the former Soviet Union and its allies like India …. and other countries.

The source explained that Beijing does not need the business itself but only the technology and technical documentation. China wants to learn how to build aircraft engines and become a country with similar technology.

Meanwhile, the United States opposed the event in every possible way and hampered the deal as much as possible. At the same time, Kiev needs Motor Sich to resume production of P95-300 engines used in surface-to-ground and air-to-ground missiles.

“At the beginning of negotiations with the Chinese side, the auditor estimated the business was worth between $ 500 million and $ 1 billion, the transaction price as far as I know is $ 575 million. Who divided this amount and so on. “Hard anyone admits”, the source added.

Ukraine transferred another half of Motor Sich to Tho Nhi Ky
Cooperation with Turkey in the development of aircraft engines has brought many benefits to Ukraine

The informant recalls that Motor Sich manufactures a wide variety of engines for transport aircraft and helicopters. But now, making power units for drones and missiles is much more profitable due to increased demand.

Moreover, Motor Sich does not need to compete with major aircraft manufacturers when they have suppliers or manufacture engines themselves. There was an earlier offer to sell China a 35% stake, Ukraine had 65% and did not sell anything to Turkey.

“But I think that the Turkish option is more conducive to Ukraine. Are we a war-fighting nation? Why not strengthen our army?”

“Akinci UAVs fly at altitudes of up to 12,000 meters, can lift about a ton of bombs or missiles and can stay in the air for nearly 24 hours. It carries a host of useful equipment: cameras, thermal cameras, radar … We just need to agree with the Turks on the sales market division, “the source said explain.

The Ukrainian media firmly believe that Kiev will certainly have to take Washington’s interests into account. If Turkey reaches an agreement with the United States, the deal will take place, otherwise it will be suspended.

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