Ukraine is looking for an investor for the Mriya-2 project

Ukraine is looking for an investor for the Mriya-2 project

(News 24h) – Ukraine’s aviation industry is looking to restore and modernize the super large transport aircraft An-225 Mriya under a different name.

State-owned conglomerate Ukroboronprom is voicing concerns about issues related to the development prospects of Ukraine’s aviation industry. In particular, Kiev is actively seeking investors for the transport aircraft project Mriya-2 – General Director of the unit – Mr. Yuri Gusev talked about this.

Mr. Gusev said that the success of the project mainly depends on foreign customers who are willing to join the implementation. The General Director had high hopes for Ukraine’s participation in a major international exhibition to be held in the Indian city of Bangalore.

Besides, Mr. Sergei Bychkov – Acting General Director of Antonov State Enterprise has no doubts that Mriya-2 will be born when expressing optimism, as they now have almost everything needed to implement the project. .

“The plane is there, but it has no avionics and engines,” noted Bychkov.

Earlier, the head of Ukraine’s State Space Agency – Vladimir Usov, reminded that the second transport plane An-225 Mriya has been waiting in the factory for 35 years. Completing it will need about $ 1 billion.

The new variant, dubbed the Mriya-2, will receive updated avionics and engines – weapons that even the creators of this giant winged machine aren’t even aware of.

Ukraine is looking for a home for the Mriya-2 flight facility
An-225 Mriya of Ukraine’s giant transport aircraft

The first An-225 Mriya super-large-engine transport was created by the Soviet aircraft manufacturers of the Antonov Design Bureau in 1988 and was originally designed for the spacecraft’s aerial launch system, It is considered the largest and most powerful transport aircraft on the planet.

In the spring of last year, the aforementioned An-225 was on a mission to deliver humanitarian goods to various countries of the world, as part of the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, the second aircraft of this project has yet to be completed. Now Kiev announced it will modernize and soon end the project, but they have not said where the money will be taken.

A few years ago, it was reported that China would pay Ukraine for this An-225, but then the deal went to a dead end. By 2020, it appears that Kiev wants Turkey to provide funds to complete the Mriya mentioned above.

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