Ukraine: From Soviet aircraft carriers to ... American inflatable mattresses

Ukraine: From Soviet aircraft carriers to … American inflatable mattresses

Currently, the Pentagon annually grants about $ 250-300 million in military aid to the Ukrainian Army, including lethal weapons and a budget of $ 4 million per year to train Ukrainian naval officers.

The weapons received by Ukraine include: Javelin anti-tank missile complex, Humvee armored vehicle, AN / TPQ-49 and AN / TPQ-36 artillery reconnaissance radar; radios and communication protection facilities; Raven RQ-11 reconnaissance drone (UAV) and ammunition of all kinds …

However, the equipment and weapons of the US aid are often criticized for being old, ineffective, inaccurate, making the military of this country unusable in combat.

On February 11, Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense posted an announcement on Facebook about receiving new military technical assistance from the United States. Accordingly, the Navy of this country received 10 high-speed boats, more than 70 inflatable boats and other related equipment.

Ukraine: From Lien Xo bay to… My bombs
The number of new equipment was donated by the US to the Ukrainian Navy

In the post, the United States is called a reliable partner, “friend of Kiev” and “a country that promotes peace and security in the region.” The event affirms that Kiev is not alone in the confrontation with Moscow, Ukraine’s defense ministry said in its published report.

News of the US military aid package to Ukraine spread quickly and caused the Internet community to stir. Washington’s aid to the Ukrainian military has sparked sarcastic comments on social media.

Netizens mocked the US military’s “help” with inflatable boats for the Ukrainian Navy – a country that once possessed the heights of Soviet naval technology.

“I apologize a thousand times, but for national security, even the gondola paddles are very important. Could it be that we are somehow assigned to avoid paddling? Thank you very much!” ” – MP Verkhovna Rada (Ukraine Parliament) Alexandr Dubinsky wrote.

Ukraine: From Lien Xo bay to… My bombs
US and Ukrainian Navy officers during the delivery ceremony

“Inflatable mattress? Great!” – Stefan Bilian joked.

“Well, great help. Fishing rubber boat. Thank you, Uncle Sam,” wrote Leo Leo user.

In addition, there are opinions expressing regret for the country that used to be the cradle of the military shipbuilding industry of the Soviet Navy, which now has to ask for inflatable boats.

“Hmm … The country is the cradle of Soviet shipbuilding, there are aircraft carriers, cruisers, icebreakers … There are no words to say” – Afina Chernaya indignantly.

Twitter account Sukhoi Su-57 Felon (marked with Russian and Indian flags) announced: “The Ukrainian Navy has received high-speed RIB and RHIB boats from the United States as part of the logistics support package. They are like the aircraft carriers and escort destroyers of the Ukrainian Navy.

Responding to this post, user @ DOPICEUZNEVIEM1 from Czech said: “Perhaps the US should aid in more patches and glue”.



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