Ukraine does not attend the Donbass peace talks, Russia warned the US

Ukraine does not attend the Donbass peace talks, Russia warned the US

On April 5, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister in charge of temporarily occupied Ukraine – Oleksiy Reznikov – said that the Ukrainian delegation will not go to Minsk for negotiations after the end of the pandemic.

Ukraine did not contend with Donbass, Russia guarded the US
Ukraine does not want to negotiate peace in Minsk, wants to join NATO to peacefully Donbass.

Mr. Reznikov told reporters during the press conference that Minsk is not suitable as a negotiating site because of the “hostile rhetoric of Belarus” involving Ukraine.

“We decided, when the quarantine ended and offered to continue negotiations, but if it was before, in Minsk, we wouldn’t be there. I think we have to find another country and another city “- he explained.

On the television program “Free speech” of ICTV, the Minister of Ukraine added, currently Belarus is under Moscow’s influence, so Kiev “cannot trust this country”.

Last summer, former Ukrainian President Leonid Kravchuk, who is currently responsible for the Donbass negotiating group, revealed that he was trying to move talks from Minsk to Sweden.

In response, the Russian Foreign Ministry later noted that “the key to success in resolving the Ukraine conflict is not in changing the location or the form of negotiation”, but simply the political will of all. both sides.

But instead of joining substantive dialogue, the Ukrainian side is showing that they are the most provocative when it refuses to negotiate with separatist forces and repeatedly threatens conflict in the East. The implementation of the Minsk peace agreement and the implementation of the mechanisms uniformly supervised by the Normandy Quartet format were the most critical issues for peace in eastern Ukraine.

But recently, President Zelensky also said that becoming a member of the military alliance North Atlantic (NATO) is the only way to end the war in the Donbass.

Mr. Zelensky urged NATO to accelerate plans to make Ukraine a member of the coalition, increasing NATO’s military presence in the Black Sea region. Such a move would serve as a “strong deterrent” to Russia, President Ukraine said.

“The reforms alone will not stop Russia,” he said. “NATO is the only way to end the war in the Donbass.”

Prior to this announcement, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said he had expressed “serious concern about Russian military activities in and around Ukraine” during a call with Zelensky.

“NATO firmly supports Ukraine’s sovereignty & territorial integrity. We remain committed to our close partner ”- Mr. Stoltenberg posted on Twitter.

With Ukraine joining NATO, this would be unacceptable for those living in the Donetsk People’s Republic and self-proclaimed Lugansk (DPR, LPR), according to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

“We strongly doubt that somehow joining NATO will help Ukraine solve its internal problems. In our opinion, it will only exacerbate the situation because of the opinion. of people cannot be ignored in any way when you talk about joining NATO.And if you consult with a few million people in self-proclaimed republics, you will understand that becoming Such NATO membership is unacceptable to these people “- he stressed.

Before that, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that Moscow and Washington are conducting high-level dialogue about the situation of Ukraine. According to him, the US expressed concern about this issue.

Vice Minister Ryabkov informed reporters that the Russians are in contact with the Americans. This is done at a high level. The Americans expressed their concerns with Russia.

In his words, the United States should be concerned not with what Russia is doing, but rather the unacceptable behavior of Kiev, not simply not implementing the package of Minsk measures, but in a more challenging form – deny these agreements. Deputy Ryabkov emphasized that, “if American colleagues are worried about this, it will really help stabilize the situation.” He noted that Russia is taking on its territory measures it deems necessary.

Ukraine did not contend with Donbass, Russia guarded the US
Local people in Veseloe village, Donetsk region. Photo: RT

On April 6, two more Ukrainian soldiers were killed in the Donbass war zone. According to sources from the Ukrainian army, one soldier died after having to deal with shelling injuries by separatist forces, which the Kyiv side allegedly was supported by Russia near the village of Nevelske.

The Ukrainian military medical officer said that the soldier died in the process of being evacuated from the battlefield after being hit by shrapnel.

Another Ukrainian soldier was killed near the settlement of Stepne, where he detonated an unidentified device that had previously been discovered by engineering forces.

Earlier, in the recorded Ukrainian deaths, the Donbass side said that the Ukrainian soldiers were killed by explosive devices that they installed themselves in the border area with the separatist slot.

Reports pointed to military equipment on the Russian side of Ukraine’s border, leading to the German Foreign Office calling for “all parties to show restraint and work towards an immediate cooling off of tensions. “.

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