Ukraine difficult to join the EU: Poroshenko-era officials told the truth

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                        When it comes to Ukraine, people only think of “corruption, complex social and political oligarchy and inefficient economy”.

Former Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin had faith in Ukraine’s accession to European organizations such as the EU and NATO, and believed in Ukraine’s ability to join in the next 5 years and 10 years. But recently, he said that this door was closed.

Ukraine EU importer: Poroshenko officials said that
Former Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin

“I think there is no chance to join NATO and the EU for Ukraine,” the former foreign minister said.

According to a former official under President Petro Poroshenko, Ukraine’s accession to the EU and NATO were dependent on the state of Ukraine and the current world situation.

Klimkin noted that Ukrainians are “loved by all”, but when they talk about the country, it is a “complex corruption, oligarchy, social and economic inefficiency.” .

This view has left Ukraine affected by its image, which makes it impossible to gain credibility before Europe to join important organizations.

“I think there is no chance of joining NATO and the EU for Ukraine. This is really our future. This story is medium-term and involves rebuilding Ukraine. Let’s change Ukraine. I am seriously saying that there is no chance to join NATO and the EU, because it is believed that there is an instability within the weak political system of Ukraine, ”the former foreign minister stressed.

Besides, even Europe and EU and NATO organizations are facing internal problems that make it difficult for them to be ready to open up to other countries to expand their forces.

NATO and the EU at this stage may stop joining new members and such discussions are ongoing.

Although the “closure” of countries wishing to join the organization is not something that will be sustained, but in the moment that NATO and the EU are facing internal problems, admission of Ukraine is also a possibility. unlikely.

“I think NATO will never be” closed. “Because for an Alliance it is very important to extend our influence to all nations. I think about the future of world security. “This is a major challenge. The problem is more complicated for the EU facing Brexit and internal reforms,” ​​the former Ukraine official said.

In any case, he did not mention a future possibility that Ukraine could become a member of any organization.

Previously, while in office, Mr. Klimkin said that Ukraine would join the EU and NATO, whether it be 5 years or 10 years. Former President Petro Poroshenko emphasized during the early 2019 campaign that Ukraine will set a goal to join the EU and NATO. Under his leadership, Ukraine will officially apply to join the EU by 2024. But in the end, the former President did not re-election.

Ukraine has consistently insisted on the Western anti-Russian stance to show its worth when it becomes a member of NATO or the EU. But in fact Ukraine has repeatedly realized “wishful thinking”. In its diplomatic statements, the EU has repeatedly shown its support for Kiev and criticized and punished Russia, but in fact did not act substantially.

For example, the EU’s loosening of visa regulations with Ukraine as a step forward for its closer access to European members, but Ukraine does not enjoy such benefits.

Mr. Pavel Klimkin bitterly admitted that up to 16 EU countries participating in the Schengen Agreement increasingly refused to grant entry visas to Ukrainian citizens. According to figures from the Ukrainian press, the number of Ukrainian citizens applying for “Schengen area” has been denied doubled or even tripled at some consulates. The percentage of applications rejected by Belgium is up to 10%. A number of European countries also require higher visa requirements, such as requiring documents proving that the income is high enough.

However, for Russian citizens, the country is isolated from Europe, everything is as normal as before with the number of applications being denied less than 1%.

Analysts said that the increasingly strict attitude of EU countries towards Ukrainian citizens is understandable because many Ukrainians ask to visit Europe as tourists, but when they arrive, they find ways. Stay long, either search for jobs here or apply for asylum status. Meanwhile, in the relationship as well as the trade between Europe and the Russians, there was no problem until the annexation of Crimea.

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