New Scotland Yard, London Metropolitan Police headquarters, is located in Westminster.  Photo: Reuters.

UK confiscated more than 400 million USD in virtual currency

British police opened an investigation into an organized crime money laundering ring, seizing about $ 408 million in virtual currency.

London Police Department announced on July 13 that it has seized approximately £180 million worth of virtual currency in this investigation, which was conducted as organized crime gangs increasingly turned to virtual currency for laundering. dirty money”.

The total value of money seized by British police during the operation has reached 294 million pounds (about 408 million USD). Less than three weeks ago, investigators seized around £114 million.

British police do not disclose the virtual currency in the illicit assets they confiscated.

New Scotland Yard, headquarters of the Metropolitan Police of London, is located in Westminster. Image: Reuters.

“Although cash is still king in the criminal world, along with the development of digital platforms, we see organized criminals using virtual money to launder dirty money more and more,” Deputy Assistant London Police Superintendent Graham McNulty said.

The anonymous nature, convenience and global linkage of cryptocurrencies make them ideal money-laundering tools for criminal groups. This method becomes an escape route for criminals to bypass the police, tax authorities and security of countries.

After the first illegal virtual currency confiscation, the authorities also arrested a 39-year-old woman on suspicion of money laundering. This person has been questioned in relation to the amount of virtual money worth 180 million pounds.

London police say the investigation, which will last for months, is determined to expose those who play a central role in money laundering for organized crime.

Trung Nhan (According to the Reuters)


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