UK and EU on the brink of post-Brexit diplomatic controversy

UK and EU on the brink of post-Brexit diplomatic controversy

(News 24h) – After Brexit, UK put the EU’s relations at risk with its refusal to recognize the EU Ambassador.

The UK was in danger of starting a conflict with the European Union, after refusing to grant full diplomatic status to the highest level diplomat representing the European Union (EU) in the UK – Mr. Joao Vale de Almeida.

The UK and the EU canceled the Brexit foreign trade deal
Mr. Joao Vale de Almeida was appointed as EU Ambassador to the UK but London refused.

Specifically, the UK Department of Foreign Affairs has refused to grant the status to Ambassador Joao Vale de Almeida, a post with privileges and immunities from international law.

Accordingly, London said that the title “Ambassador” is only for diplomatic representatives of the countries, while the EU is an international organization, so there is no “Ambassador”.

The British decision is different from the perception of 142 countries in the world, considering the EU ambassador to be a diplomat like ambassadors and envoys of sovereign countries. With such strict regulations, the EU side assessed the UK’s move as an aggressive attitude.

Mr. Josep Borrell, the EU’s closest Foreign Representative, wrote a letter to British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab, expressing concerns about the case and asking Britain to “respect the general rule” that Britain was a member of the EU. signed.

The EU side said that while in the EU, the UK signed the Lisbon Treaty, recognizing the EU’s diplomatic representatives in the world as diplomats holding the title of ambassadors.

EU diplomats, thanks to this agreement, enjoy the privileges set out in the Vienna Convention, such as a criminal exemption, and a tax exemption during their time in office.

It is known that this issue has happened and lasted since November 2020, but the current British government, after the UK is no longer an EU member, after Brexit, has not considered the EU letter.

Meanwhile, the British Foreign Ministry confirmed the two sides “are in discussion and no one should make speculations about the final agreement” in this case.

The officially ratified Anglo-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement signaled the beginning of a “new normal” in relations between the EU and the UK. The symbolism of reaching a formal agreement after all political turmoil could be the basis for substantially tangible cooperation beyond trade. However, there is a need to take a broader and deeper look at the calculations of London, Brussels and the EU member states about their expectations for their future relationship.

The UK is still attached to the security of Europe and plays an important role in the stability and continuous development of the European Common Market (EEC) and the Eurozone. Meanwhile, the EU has a great interest in the economic “new neighbor” success, political integrity and social cohesion.

Recently, the UK announced an additional compensation of 23 million pounds (31 million USD) for fishing businesses with export activities to the European Union (EU) affected by the implementation of the measures. France controlled post-Brexit, only Britain left the EU.

Many businesses have been unable to export their products to the EU due to requirements for catch certification, medical examination and customs declarations that were implemented earlier this year, when the UK officially exits the bloc.

The above amount will compensate for damages from 1 January 2021, targeting small and medium businesses that could lose their exports to the EU, with a maximum compensation of £ 100,000 per each. enterprise.

UK Environment Minister George Eustice said the ministry is working closely with the fishing and aquaculture sectors to ensure that they will receive support and can continue operations.

Under the agreement reached, British goods into the EU remained exempt from tariffs and quotas, but the administrative procedures being carried out affected the system to transport perishable goods.

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