Uighurs talk about the CCP's genocide

Uighurs talk about the CCP’s genocide

In 2018, a number of Uighurs fleeing Xinjiang began to testify before the US Congress. Kazakhs in Kazakhstan also began to have a lot of people talking about the inhuman treatment in concentration camps and the brutal torture and death in concentration camps. The story is about Uighurs and Kazakhs who were arrested on a large scale and held in concentration camps, countless families went bankrupt and separated, and numerous intellectual elites were lost or imprisoned. heavily, countless news of the Uighurs death in the concentration camp were spread out …

Uighur human rights disaster: Lost - Genocide?
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Then there began to appear more and more overseas Uighurs calling for help, both in their organizational and personal forms, talking about ongoing crimes in an effort to awakening the world and asking for help from the international community to help the Uyghur people in danger.

At that time, most of the Western media, countries and NGOs, including Uighur organizations, were still using the term “human rights crisis ” to describe the unprecedented atrocities committed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) against the Uighurs.

Toward the end of 2018, Indiana University in the US invited a few of us Uighurs to talk about the Uighur crisis. When I was thinking about how to describe this national catastrophe, I wanted to say that it was a national genocide, a genocide not a human rights disaster, but to declare it like that. have evidence and evidence.

At that time, as a Uighur, based on what I heard and saw and my personal experience, I asserted that there were grounds in the statement “genocide “ (genocide). But where is the evidence? Need to find a solid legal fulcrum.

So every day I collect many different books about the genocide in World War II and history of human rights, and then I suddenly discover in a book on human rights history. “Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide” (Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide) was approved by the United Nations (UN) in 1948. After studying and comparing, especially comparing 5 definitions of “Genocide” listed in Article 2 of the Convention with the atrocities that the Uighurs have faced, I am sure that what the Uighurs are enduring is genocide!

I can’t help thinking right away “Can this be called genocide?”, I have gathered a series of evidence and compared the definition of genocide in “Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide”.

I gave my first speech at Indiana University, and as expected I received very mixed responses. When it was time for everyone to ask questions, a Han Chinese student confirmed the persecution and questioned me about genocide. I replied that this is my conclusion based on the witnesses, testimonies and other evidence I have gathered, then compared with the UN Convention. Of course everyone has the right to question, but before questioning should study the evidence carefully and compare it with the UN Convention. Some people, including some Uighur human rights activists, have doubted that my conclusion is too soon that the continued use of that term would be of concern to politicians, because “Genocide“Is a particularly serious crime, so care should be taken when proposing use.

But I still believe in the proposal I have made, continuing to supplement and refine the manuscript with new evidence and new testimony, so that I can present it on different occasions.

Then, a curator of the Holocaust Memorial Museum of the United States asked me to show the document. Then there were US State Department officials and some Uighur scholars and activists who wanted to consult my documents. Whoever asks for it, I’m willing to share it, and tell them they’re free to use it. I personally continue to insist that this is a massacre and genocide.

Over time, more and more reporters from many risky countries investigated and reported on Xinjiang, and more and more evidence of concentration camps appeared; in addition, the huge amount of leaked Chinese documents by the CCP authorities were reported, providing material to the Uighur concentration camp researcher Adrian Zenz who reported that the CCP is forcing. forcing the use of birth control to control the Uighur fertility rate, causing a terrible genocide against the Uighurs. In particular, Jewish groups and Holocaust survivors from many countries joined in the Uighur appeals, prompting the term “genocide “ (genocide) appears more often in the media.

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The turning point came in July 2020 when the International Human Rights Commission of Canada’s Parliament, after holding many hearings, delivered a report to the government stating: Based on a number of investigations and hearings, the conclusion argued that the CCP committed genocide against Uighur, petitioned the Government of Canada for its approval.

Since then, the term “Genocide”Began to appear more frequently in government and non-governmental reports. On January 19, 2021 (the day before President Trump’s dismissal), US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo officially declared: There was sufficient evidence to determine the behavior of the Chinese Government against to Uighurs and other Turkic peoples in Xinjiang is a crime of genocide and against humanity. Accordingly the Uighurs are facing an extreme disaster, officially recognized by the US Government “Genocide”.

Believe that it is not long before many Western governments formally recognize and will include in the UN to discuss countermeasures; The Chinese government will be put on a list of the most terrible forces at crime against humanity, along with the Italian fascists, the Nazis and the Japanese militaries.

But why can this road be so difficult? Millions of Uighurs were imprisoned, thousands went missing and died, many Uighurs villages and communities razed, their families destroyed, their spouses and children divorced. There is such obvious evidence that it would take four years to convince a US Government to determine a atrocity is taking place!

Eat fruit, miss the planter. While studying “Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide”, I have retraced the biography of Raphael Lamkin, the original drafter and promoter of the Convention. He was a Polish Jewish jurist, through which I found many similarities between the fate of Uighurs and Jews. At the beginning of World War II, Poland was divided by Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, scholar Lamkin, before leaving Poland, went to his parents’ residence in the Soviet Union, which occupied Poland, to theorize let them leave. His parents thought at that time that they were just commoners so there was no problem. But after the war, Professor Raphael Lamkin found his family and found that the family of more than a dozen had survived only his brother, all the others dead in Nazi concentration camps.

This reminds me of the Ili massacre on February 5, 1997 in the Kazakh Ili ethnic autonomous region of China, when I returned from visiting relatives in Ili. A Uighur friend from Shihezi University (Xinjiang, China) asked me how is Ili? I said that, like some of the post-World War II cities that I have seen in the movie, they were ruined and dull; The Uighurs live in fear and are always in a state of anxiety.

He said: “We Uighurs cannot defeat the Han people, they have a military government, guns and artillery, we are just ordinary people, resisting without rules, in order to keep our traditional culture. ! “

I said again: “The Uighurs have complied since they were occupied, but aren’t their cultures, traditions and beliefs being eroded every day? In the eyes of the Chinese colonists ‘your heart would be different if you were not of the same race’; even the appearance of the Uighurs will make them uncomfortable. If we do not take advantage of today to protest and fight for our legitimate rights, I fear that we will not even keep the destiny of our family in 20 years! “

Looking back now, unfortunately my prediction came true. The Uighurs who thought that obedience could escape the disaster were gone, imprisoned in concentration camps, tortured and dying in concentration camps!

Professor Raphael Lamkin arrived in the United States later in World War II and spent his life pushing the United Nations through “Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide“Edited by him. According to some biographical records, he goes to the UN site every day, he tells about the Holocaust of the Jews and other genocides in human history whenever he meets officials at the UN from many countries. different, emphasizing the need to adopt the Convention which he proposes to assist in ensuring that genocide will not recur.

After that, the UN Conference finally adopted “Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide“The reporters looked for Professor Raphael Lamkin to interview him but could not find him. Finally, when a reporter was about to leave, he accidentally found a respectable professor sitting in the background in a corner of the UN building: he was crying silently.

At noon on January 19, when I watched a news report that the US Government had officially determined that the CCP’s atrocities against Uighurs were crimes against humanity and “Genocide“, Myself as well as thousands of other Uighurs could not hold back tears.

Ilshat Hassan Kokbore, Vision Times
(The article only shows the views of the author personally).

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