Acknowledgment uefa will have 26 diamonds, which will join the 2021 euro

UEFA increased the number of players to attend EURO 2021

Recently, UEFA has confirmed that each national team will be registered 26 players instead of 23 as before.

Due to the impact of the Covid 19 epidemic, the European national leagues have been cut short and the players have to play with a very high density. Many Football Confederation countries have asked UEFA to increase the number of players attending the Euro so that their players can reduce injuries.

UEFA confirmed that there will be 26 players attending Euro 2021. Source: Internet

And after many meetings, UEFA “responded” to that request. On its homepage, UEFA confirmed that each national team would be registered 26 players on the list to ensure the number of players in each match due to a positive covid test.

‚ÄúTeams may face a player shortage for a match because the players may be positive for COVID-19 test results and must be quarantined. Therefore each team will be registered 26 players. “

However, each match will still have a maximum of 23 players registered. Coaches can change their roster without limit before each match to suit injury situation or due to a player infected with Covid 19. Teams will have to complete the roster by June 1.

This can be good news for coaches from major national teams as there are so many options available. For example, in Portugal, coach Fernando Santos can “bring” a full range of experienced players such as Pepe, Joao Moutinho or Renato Sanches.

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