Ubisoft restructures its editorial team to develop more varied games

Ubisoft is determined to start off on the right foot for 2020. It wants to offer better experiences to players by creating more varied games. To do this, the studio decided to change its production strategy by restructuring the editorial team.

Image 1: Ubisoft restructures its editorial team to develop more varied games

Ubisoft Didn’t have a great year in 2019. Between rather disappointing sales and delays on 3 tracks eagerly awaited (Watch Dogs Legion, Rainbow Six Quarantine and Gods & monsters), Ubisoft must change its production strategy as quickly as possible so as not to collapse further.

Changes in the editorial line

According to source VGC (Video Games Chronicles), Ubisoft has been using a editorial team of approximately 100 people in Paris. She oversees the development of the games and has an important influence on the direction of the titles. One or two people mainly impose their ideas on each game. Because of that, a similitude between games Ubisoft has recently been felt.

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In order to diversify the games, Ubisoft has planned to expand and restructure the editorial team. Concretely, there will be 7 vice-presidents, each being assigned to a franchise. Nevertheless, the director of the editorial line, Serge Hascoët, keeps the same position and the same responsibilities. But he will now be there especially for check the progress of the project at key moments in development. As a result, the vice-presidents who have more autonomy and freedom will create more personal and thus more varied games.

In addition, the vice-presidents will no longer all be based in the French capital. Indeed, we will always find Tommy François but also members based at Canada as Patrick Plourde (creative director of Child of Light) as well as Maxime Béland (creative director of the last Splinter Cell). For example, following the disappointing performance of Ghost Recon Breakpoint, the CEO Yves Guillemot said the game wasn’t different enough. This is what prevented him from highlighting his qualities.

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Finally, it must be said that Ubisoft listened to the players and implements significant changes in order toimprove the quality of titles developed. These changes will therefore be felt in the next games that will be released on PS5 and Xbox Series S.

Source: TechRadar

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