Uber Eats uses drones with 6 propellers, taking off vertically to ship food
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Uber Eats uses drones with 6 propellers, taking off vertically to ship food

At the Forbes 30 unter 30 Summit, Uber introduced a new drone concept to deliver food orders to everyone. This drone design uses 6 propellers, with rotors for vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL), and is capable of carrying meals for up to 2 people. The mechanism of action of this drone is identical to the US Air Force V22 Osprey aircraft. The propeller stands upright to take off, then rotates forward to move at the fastest speed. According to Uber, the battery of this drone has a maximum usage time of 8 minutes and a maximum travel distance of over 19km. However, people who order food through Uber Eats will not be able to see the drones taking off and landing in their yard for fun. Uber, on the other hand, will take these drones to a transit station, where the driver will pick up and deliver them to the door of the occupant. Thanks to this technology, most of the food delivery distance will be in the air, not afraid of traffic jams, thereby reducing the time to ship an order to the user.

Uber Eats is expected to deploy this drone into service in 2021. Previously, they will test ship food by drones in San Diego in the summer of 2020. Also in San Diego, Uber previously cooperated with McDonald's to ship fries burger with drones.

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