U.S. presidential candidate Yang Anze’s wife exposed to sexual assault by a famous doctor during pregnancy

Lu Ailing, the wife of a Taiwanese entrepreneur Yang Anze, a Democratic candidate and Taiwanese entrepreneur in the 2020 US presidential election, was shocked during a recent interview when she was sexually assaulted by an obstetrician and gynecologist.

According to “CNN”, when Ai Lu was pregnant in 2012, she went to the medical institution of Columbia University for treatment and found Harden, a gynecologist with a high reputation. At first, she did not have any abnormalities in her clinic. Until a few months later, he Began to ask some outrageous questions, such as sexual life with her husband, etc., these questions have nothing to do with her pregnancy, and now she thinks back, these are like preparing for his “courtship”.

In an exclusive interview with CNN, Lu Ailing revealed that she had been sexually assaulted by a gynecologist.

Lu Ailing’s consultation time is longer and more frequent, even though she feels that she does not need to see the doctor at that time, and tells her to trust the doctor. When she was 7 months pregnant, she was ready to leave at that time, Harden said. You may need a cesarean section, “so she pulled her off her clothes and performed internal medicine with her hands without gloves.

Lu Ailing was so scared that she could n’t move. She lamented that “I knew he was wrong and I was sexually assaulted.” Like many victims of sexual assault, she was unable to escape. Harden walked out of the clinic without washing his hands afterwards. She did not return to Harden’s clinic.

She didn’t want to make Yang Anze sad with her family, so she chose to be silent. After a few months, her son Christopher was born. When she received the news that Harden left the hospital, she realized that the victim was not the only one, and finally decided to confess everything to Yang Anze. After hearing this, Yang Anze felt that “the whole heart was broken.”

The whole incident was launched after the “MeToo” movement was launched worldwide, and Lu Ailing chose to make it known to the world, and together with 31 other women victims, filed a complaint with Columbia University, the school hospital, and Harden, accusing the school of concealing the facts for a long time and conspiring to cover Harden. Sexual assault and Harden’s doctor’s license has been revoked, and his lawyers have not responded to the matter.

Lu Ailing believes that her husband ’s election made her feel obliged to tell the truth. She needs to use this voice to share her story and help more women, even though she will remember the trauma at the time when she talks about it. She also insisted that it was worth it.

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