Typing 10 fingers, practice typing fast 10 fingers

Typing 10 fingers, practice typing fast 10 fingers

Practice typing 10 fingers according to the instructions below of ElectrodealPro, you will become familiar with the typeface on the keyboard, and know how to use your fingers to type appropriately, thereby speeding up typing and typing efficient 10-finger machine. If you regularly write text, then refer to 10-finger typing method is essential.

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This will help you:
– How to put hands on the appropriate keyboard
– Know the tasks of each finger (each finger corresponds to each number, different word)

10-finger typing technique Text has been shared a lot on the internet through time to bring the best skills to the user. For those who work hard, typing 10 fingers is easy.

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Basic 10-finger typing guide

People often think things 10-finger keyboard typing hands are difficult to learn and practice. However, through the article below you will see that learning to type with 10 fingers is not as difficult as you think.

10-finger typing, a basic skill for beginners

1. How to put hands on the keyboard

– Left hand: little finger (key A), ring finger (key S), middle finger (key D), index finger (key F).
– Right hand: little finger (key:), ring finger (key L), middle finger (key K), index finger (key J).

Two thumbs on the key Space. And the task of these two fingers is just take turns hitting this key only.

Good luck 10

2. The task of fingers

2.1. Left hand

– Index finger: R, F, V, 4, T, G, B, 5.
– Middle finger: E, D, C, 3.
– Ring finger: W, S, X, 2.
– Pinkie: key Q, A, Z, 1, ‘ and function keys like Tab, Caps lock, Shift.

– Thumb: Space.

2.2. Right hand

– Index finger: H, Y, N, 6, 7, U, J, M.
– Middle finger: 8, I, K,
– Ring finger: 9, O, L,>.
– Pinkie: 0, P,:,?, “, [, ], -, +, , Enter, Backspace
– Thumb: Space.

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To type well 10 fingers, first you need to memorize the hand placement on the keyboard. You can practice by typing and then returning to the starting hand position. And practice how when you tap one finger, the other finger won’t be moved. And note that you should use Telex for faster Vietnamese typing speed instead of VNI.

You can learn to type on the keyboard by yourself by reading a poem, any essay and typing back into the computer with slow speed to keep finger accuracy, and to remember the keys. Then you gradually increase the volume of exercises and the typing speed is fine.

In addition to practicing your own 10-finger typing in Word, or other editing tools, you can use the Top 10 10-finger typing practice software ElectrodealPro introduced the easiest and most effective way to practice exercises from simple to complex, ensuring that after a period of practice, your 10-finger typing skills will be improved.

Next to the article on how to type 10 fingers above, to work 10-finger typing practice More fast and effective, you also need to learn the 10-finger typing tips and tricks shared in this article by Thuthuat.ElectrodealPro. Using these skills in word processing not only helps you increase your knowledge of how to use computers and laptops, but also helps you increase the quality and performance of your work significantly.


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