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Two Korean ‘volleyball goddesses’ were banned indefinitely

The two sisters Lee Da-yeong was banned from playing by Heungkuk Life Club indefinitely. They are being ostracized by Korean audiences because of their involvement in the school violence incident 10 years ago.

VIDEO: Talent and beauty of the Korean volleyball goddess

According to the Korea Times, who accused the two sisters Lee Da-yeong went to the same school as the twins, she said that the Lee sisters used to intimidate themselves and others with knives for “disobedience”.

“I write letters on behalf of 4 people but have more victims. We want them to sincerely apologize … They swore at our parents, extorted and bullied classmates. I used to want to commit suicide, but the sisters just moved to another school and didn’t make any move afterwards. “the accuser wrote.

Currently, both Lee Da-yeong sisters have admitted the allegations of school violence and wrote a handwritten apology, but the victim’s side did not accept and submit the petition to the green house. The great pressure forced the Heungkuk Life club to give a heavy punishment.

“I am volleyball player Lee Da Yeong. I am extremely sorry for those who have been hurt by my wrongdoing in the past. I am truly sorry for disappointing everyone.”, from a letter from Lee Da Yeong.

Lee Ja-yeong and Lee Da-yeong are the backbone of the Korean women’s volleyball team. Lee Jae-yeong played in the front position and Lee Da-yeong was the team’s number one pass. Not only talented, the two are also known as the goddess of Korean volleyball with extremely beautiful looks. This scandal could end the volleyball career of both sisters.



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