My Sébastien Servant Charbonneau and Edmond Nankam Dzokou.  Photos: LinkedIn and Facebook


My Sébastien Servant Charbonneau and Edmond Nankam Dzokou. Photos: LinkedIn and Facebook

They met in 2016, during the internship race, when they had both been hired as law students at Spiegel Sohmer. They immediately became friends.

Four years later, My Sébastien Servant Charbonneau and Edmond Nankam Dzokou are launching their firm specializing in business law, for start-ups.

“Edmond and I, since the day we met, we wanted to go into business! summarizes Me Servant Charbonneau. It could have been the right, it could have been something else… ”

It is finally the pandemic which will have given the two best friends the little pat on the back that they lacked to dare to take the leap, and to set up NSC Legal.

Me Servant Charbonneau still worked, until very recently, at Spiegel Sohmer, as a lawyer specializing in civil and commercial litigation. Me Nankam Dzokou left the large firm a year ago for Blue HF, a small office specializing in business law and technology.

The health crisis, business slowing down … All of this gave the two 2018 Bars the opportunity to think about what they really wanted, as a professional life … and to come closer to their values.

“Life was going at 100 km / h! confides Me Servant Charbonneau. And all of a sudden, everything really slowed down significantly! I think everyone has asked themselves these kinds of questions, honestly. And the people made their choices. And Edmond and I decided we wanted something else. “

“Without saying that I had spread my values ​​by practicing law in large offices in downtown Montreal … I am an ambitious guy, and eventually, do civil and commercial litigation at a high intensity, with extremely qualified people, it made me eat it, I just did that, he adds. It’s cool, it allowed me to become independent quickly, except that it made me maybe a little unbalanced… ”

Start-up pros

The two friends want to focus their practice on helping business start-ups… since they’ve been there too! Me Nankam Dzokou, who specializes in business law, has also refined his support for startups, during his time at Blue HF.

“We wanted to create a firm in our image: to offer quality services, without the formalism that comes with it,” explains the latter. We always wanted to practice law differently, with a little more human touch. “

Moreover, we learn on the site of NSC Legal that the firm reserves the right to apply discounts to all fans of FC Barcelona, ​​the favorite football team of Me Nankam Dzokou, depending on their results at a homemade questionnaire.

“It’s really a question of approach,” adds his business partner. Having our own office allows me to have a much more direct contact with the client, and a contact that is more focused on comparable experiences. “

The two young lawyers therefore launched their operations last November, and ensure that business is going rather well, until now. Wasn’t it a little scary, though, to go into business during the health crisis?

Not especially, answers Me Servant Charbonneau straight away. In fact, COVID has helped them, in a way.

“In the months leading up to our jump, I was really lucky, because I learned to have a remote, virtual practice … And I don’t know how many, right now, firms like that, in Quebec, but our firm is pretty much virtual. We have a practice that is almost paperless. The fact that COVID happened that it lasted so long, it made us comfortable in a practice that looked a little more like us. “

Both consider themselves very lucky, having had “extraordinary” mentors at Spiegel Sohmer. Moreover, the big firm encourages this “entrepreneurial spirit”, according to Me Servant Charbonneau. But it was time for them to turn this page.

“I’m touching wood, but I think 2021 will be a good year for us! »He exclaims.