Two-dimensional games of 2019: the industry has completed a shuffle

The big factory is looking for the next explosion that can be operated in the long run, the small factory is trying to break through, and some games are silently “disappeared”.

Note: The two-dimensional game selected in the table of this article is based on the “two-dimensional” and “ACG” tags of TapTap

On January 9, 2020, Guoman adapted the mobile game “The King is Not Happy” and launched a public beta on the platform.

Station B is the publisher of this game. Before the public test, the number of reservations at station B had exceeded 800,000. The game jumped to No. 2 on the App Store free list and No. 13 on the best-selling list on the day the game was launched.

In recent years, the domestic two-dimensional game has experienced explosive growth in both the number of products and the revenue of representative products. But in 2019, the game industry, which was affected by many parties, started a new round of shuffling.

Entering 2020, we will go to the best-seller list and the hot list to find that there are two-dimensional game products on the list, there are “old games” that have been online for 3-4 years, and there are products that will be online in 2019.

The reshuffle in 2019 means that all products that can stay are market-tested products. We can see that four of the six games that have topped the Top 3 list this year are from 2016. In addition to “Yin and Yang Division”, the remaining three are “Destiny-Designation of Crown” (hereinafter referred to as “FGO”), “Naruto” and “Breakdown 3”. Last year we said that “money is made by old games.” This view is still valid this year.

The other side of the shuffle is more brutal. Games that could be included in our statistics last year, such as “Rebellious Million King Arthur” and “Hatsune Miku: Dream Singer”, have been silently discontinued this year.

At the same time, shuffling also means that following suit can no longer occupy the market. After “Yin Yang Shi” was born, most of the two-dimensional games on the market seemed to be carved out of a mold.

But this year we can see a lot of innovative games in terms of gameplay, the most representative of which is of course “Ark of Tomorrow”, which uses tower defense as a relatively niche core gameplay to create an explosion.

The version number is also a topic that cannot be avoided this year. A large number of new games have flooded the market since the version number was reopened, so we have included 49 of the second-generation games this year, and 23 of them have officially started beta testing this year. Because the game has just been launched, you can easily reach the top of the list with the help of the heat, but the market’s test on them has just begun.

In 2018, the hot second-dimensional women’s game, and in 2019, no more phenomenal products were seen.

In 2018, we can also see the explosion of two-dimensional women such as “Love and Producer” that can reach the top 3 of the best-selling list. Out of the circle of women to the mobile game “Sparkling Warmth”, it is not the traditional two-dimensional development game, but dress up.

The Matthew effect between large and small factories has become increasingly prominent in this year’s less optimistic environment.

The sudden appearance of “Tomorrow’s Ark” and the Eagle Horn Network seems to indicate that the two-dimensional game can still be a market breakthrough, which has also inspired many small factories to fight here. So we see that this summer, there are 24 2D mobile games lined up.

Ranking of the best-sellers of Tomorrow’s Ark in 2019

Unfortunately, none of these new works from the small factory can reach the height of “Ark of Tomorrow”. In the new works of our small factory, the performance of “Double Swords of Pamush” by Kuluo Game is not bad. Most games didn’t make it into the top 100 best-seller list when they were just launched.

This also proves that the success of Tomorrow’s Ark is not accidental. Regardless of gameplay, art, and plot, “Tomorrow’s Ark” has reached a high degree of completion, and the excellent official operation level of Eagle Horn has also made this game popular. To maintain a high position. The success of Tomorrow’s Ark shows that the small factory can really break through, but the premise is that the finished product is good enough.

And Tencent, Netease, and station B, which specializes in two-dimensional games, have performed well in the market this year. The old games have solid profitability. A large number of games have been released after the release of the version number. game.

Station B: Looking for the next “FGO”

Last year was the year when station B broke the circle, and it was also the year when the second-dimensional game at station B started to advance at full speed.

In the third quarter financial report announced last year, the game business revenue of station B reached 930 million, an increase of 25% year-on-year. Although the proportion fell, the game still accounted for more than half of the revenue of station B. Station B is still a game-supported ” Little break station. “

As of January 2020, there are a total of 293 mobile games connected to the game center of station B, that is, the mobile games of station B alone and combined transport. This number looks very amazing, but most of them are two-dimensional mobile games of intermodal transportation, and the proportion of single-generation games is not high.

For station B, making games is part of their traffic business. Station B has almost all the pan-two-dimensional enthusiasts in China. No one is more suitable for issuing two-dimensional games than station B, whether it is single generation or combined transport. This is why strong games such as Tomorrow’s Ark and Collapse 3 are also willing to share a piece of money for station B.

In fact, for a large part of 2019, the game business of station B completely relied on a game-“FGO”.

This is an old game launched in 2016, but still maintains a very high ability to attract gold this year. According to Qimai data, in 2019, “ FGO ” will remain in the top 100 of the game’s best-selling list most of the time, and in the third quarter of this year, because of the third anniversary of the game’s launch, it has remained high, and “ FGO ” is in In the third quarter, he topped the APP Store list three times in a row.

Ranking of FGO bestsellers in 2019

According to the statistics of Sensor Tower, the revenue of “FGO” increased by 174% in August, and the revenue in September reached a new high, driving the revenue of Bilibili to increase by 80%. With the help of “FGO”, Bilibili’s game release income went from 30th to the top 10 in September.

It is undoubtedly dangerous to tie all the revenue to one game, but other games at station B, such as the once-performing “Blue Line” and “Ark Command”, have experienced varying degrees of decline this year.

Station B needs the next “FGO”. So we can see that B has released 8 games in a row since the release of the version number. There are female-oriented “A3! Full Opening Troupe” and the introduction of “Dream Concerto!” Girl band party! “, And” The Twin Vision “, which has made a big splash.

The CEO of Station B, Chen Rui, previously revealed that Station B has 30 game reserves, and that “high-quality domestic games have surpassed overseas games.” Judging from the reservations released at the Game Center of Station B, Station B did shift its focus in the second half of the year to seek cooperation with major domestic manufacturers.

“The Twin Vision” is the best example. This game was developed by Xishanju and uses the ARPG + shooting method, which is relatively rare in the two-dimensional game. After the public test in November, it quickly came to the 9th best-selling list. It also gained more than 400,000 installations on TapTap, which is expected to become the second pillar of B station revenue after “FGO”.

In addition, the two domestic two-dimensional games of “The King Is Not Happy” and “The Twelve Divine Weapons” had more than 100,000 reservations on TapTap. Among them, “The King Is Unhappy” is based on the apostle’s comic “The King Is Unhappy”. On January 1st, “The King Is Not Happy” animation was officially launched on station B. The game will also be open beta on January 9. This wave of “movie-game linkage” also reflects the competitive advantage of B Station in the two-dimensional game market.

Taken as a whole, it is only a matter of time to find the next “FGO” with the current investment in station B.

Tencent: while buying Riman IP, while training Guoman IP adaptation mobile game

The wealthy Tencent continued the previous years’ play in 2019-buying IP and making adaptations.

Almost several heavyweight two-dimensional games newly launched by Tencent this year are IP adaptations: “Fox Fairy Little Matchmaker” is adapted from the same name Guoman, “Fairy Tail” and “Hunter” are adapted from the same name Riman.

The only exception is “Food Word”, which seems to prove that the game’s lesser popularity is that it is really difficult to open the market without IP.

In fact, Tencent’s practice in recent years also proves this. The top 10 games under Tencent’s best-selling list in 2019 are all IP adaptations, without exception.

Tencent’s most stable two-dimensional game in 2019 is still “Naruto” launched in 2016, and it has hardly ever ranked in the top 40 of the Apple App Store best-seller list. The same IP of “Naruto: New Ninja” performance is also very stable.

In fact, national IPs like Naruto, Dragon Ball, and Saint Seiya have long since jumped out of the category of secondary elements, and can attract far more than just secondary users. Fan base coupled with Tencent’s publicity strength, it is easy to create explosive models, but the long-term operation is difficult.

All the IPs introduced by Tencent in the past few years come from Japan, but in the context of the increasing number of Guoman fans in recent years, Tencent has also begun to consider adapting Guoman’s IP. In addition, I own a comic and animation platform and use my own IP as an adaptation. It is also easier to form a synergy of the group, create a “interaction of diffuse, film, and travel” and create greater profits.

So, “Fox Fairy Little Matchmaker” was launched, and “Below One” also opened an appointment. However, the performance of “Fox Fairy Little Matchmaker” was not very good. “Below One” has a good number of reservations on TapTap, but the real performance needs to be watched after going online.

In fact, the biggest problem for Tencent now is that they lack a masterpiece like “FGO” and “Yin Yang Shi” in the two-dimensional game. However, from the overall situation of the mobile game market, Tencent does not need to be too aggressive in the secondary game field. After all, they are holding a real national mobile game of “Glory of the King”.

NetEase: Mining the IP Value of Yin Yang

NetEase has encountered the same troubles as Station B-in recent years it seems that there is no game that can take the class of “Yin Yang Shi”.

However, NetEase also has its own advantages over the previous two. Tencent’s most popular two-dimensional games are all others’ IP. The “FGO” of station B is not only the IP of others, even the games are of others, and they are just agents in China. But “Yin Yang Shi” is completely in the hands of Netease itself, so Netease has a brain in “Yin Yang Shi”.

Ranking of best sellers of “ Yin Yang Shi ” in 2019

The “Decisive Battle Ping An” launched at the end of 2017 can be regarded as an attempt by NetEase to extend the IP of the Yin and Yang division. In the case of the MOBA game “Glory of the King”, the “Decisive Battle Ping An” achieved relatively good results and also gave NetEase to continue to explore Division IP confidence.

So at the end of 2019, Netease launched “Yin and Yang Division: Baiwen Brand” again, combining Yin and Yang division with CCG card gameplay. NetEase also has a lot of experience in operating card games. Both Hearthstone and Shadow of Poetry have achieved good results in China. “Yin and Yang division: Baiwen card” on TapTap’s word of mouth maintained the passing line, 6.7 points.

Another “Yin and Yang Division: Monster House” is still in the appointment, the gameplay is relatively new, is marbles + development. At present, the number of reservations on the official website has exceeded 490,000.

After a round of shuffling, the number of two-dimensional games in NetEase’s operations dropped sharply. According to our statistics, there are five games that are affected by the shutdown. In addition to the aforementioned “Rebellious Million Arthur”, there are also “Hatsune”, “Different Dimension War Heroes”, “Aki Warrior Academy” and Cake Story.

However, NetEase ’s investment has not decreased. There are currently 6 games being reserved. Many of these new games have explosive potential, such as “Game King: Duel Link” introduced by the agent.

Eliminating games that have no potential and letting better games enter the market is the biggest significance of shuffling. Although cruel, this is the manifestation of market maturity and industry progress.

Author: Dkphhh
Source: Three Cultural Entertainment


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