Twitter tests Birdwatch - tool that allows users to flag misinformation

Twitter tests Birdwatch – tool that allows users to flag misinformation

Twitter is currently testing its Birdwatch program – a tool that will allow users to flag and annotate tweets that they think are misleading or misleading, in order to provide other readers with more information and “Broader context” to consider it.

The Birdwatch pilot program is currently just being tested in the US, according to Twitter’s blog post. This move comes when Twitter recently launched a campaign of censorship and “purge” of large-scale users against a series of right-wing accounts or anyone who expressed doubts about the results of the 2020 General election.

Once launched, Birdwatch can be found on, and pilot program participants can write posts that identify and disprove information they deem false. Their notes will not initially be visible on Twitter to users outside the pilot group but will show up on the Birdwatch page.

Pilot participants were able to rate the usefulness of notes from other contributors.

Twitter says it expects between 1,000 and 100,000 Birdwatchers (Birdwatch participants) to be admitted voluntarily. After the test period, this group’s notes under posts will be visible to all Twitter users.

Over the past year, Twitter has begun to label and pre-warn information the platform deems “false” about the Wuhan flu pandemic and the US election. Last month, Twitter permanently blocked President Donald Trump’s account accusing him of “inciting riot” on Jan. 6 into the Capitol.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey along with other leaders of major tech companies have been called to Congress multiple times over the past year to answer questions about user tracking, user information gathering, as well as how to censor information. Many lawmakers accuse Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube of becoming “publishers” rather than a platform acting as an intermediary. President Trump tried to urge Congress to remove Article 230 but was unsuccessful.

Recently, Project Veritas has posted 2 videos revealing the content of two internal Twitter meetings. The first video shows CEO Jack Dorsey having discussed extending the ban and censorship to more accounts following the TT Trump account suspension. The second video of Twitter Chief Legal, Policy, Accountability & Safety, Ms. Vijaya Gadde, in which she explains the media giant’s plan to expand the “crusade” of anti-political censorship. conservatives at a global level.

On social media, many users have compared Twitter’s new “culture of censorship” with the work of 1984 by George Orwell or the mutual denunciation of the communist government. A famous right-wing man and OANN correspondent, Jack Posobiec tried to apply for Birdwatcher but with no success.

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