'Tvarotti' Ho-jung Kim releases limited edition LP...  Preparations before enlistment for fans

‘Tvarotti’ Ho-jung Kim releases limited edition LP… Preparations before enlistment for fans

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[스포티비뉴스=장진리 기자] Singer Ho-jung Kim will present a limited edition album.

On the 7th, the management company Showing Thoughts Entertainment announced that Ho-jung Kim will release the LP of his first regular album ‘We Go’ and the classic album ‘The Classic Album’, which he released last year in a limited edition, to commemorate the 1st anniversary of his official fan cafe ‘Tvarotti’.

The agency said, “Kim Ho-jung’s LP was planned by Kim Ho-jung, who is usually full of fan love, before enlisting, thinking about whether there would be anything to commemorate with his fans.” “In celebration of the 1st anniversary of the official fan cafe ‘Tvarotti’, it was produced with 10,000 copies. , will be released on June 10, the 1st anniversary of the official fan cafe.”

This LP was produced with a weight of 180g at the famous German cutting studio SST and a professional audiophile press factory.

‘Let’s Go’ consists of a total of 8 LP-size pictorials in a gate folder type specification, and ‘The Classic Album’ contains the new song ‘You Raise Me Up’, an LP exclusive track, and even numbering to increase the collectible value. to be.

Ho-jung Kim recorded sales of 410,000 copies on the first day of release alone with his first full-length album ‘We Go’ last year, and his classic album ‘The Classic Album’ also showed off the power of ‘Tvarotti’ with an overwhelming record sales of 510,000 copies. did.

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