Turns out iPhone users are not very interested in third-party messaging services - VnReview

Turns out iPhone users are not very interested in third-party messaging services – VnReview

Many people think that iMessage and FaceTime are just things for iFans to brag about, but for them, they are more than that.

*VNReview would like to summarize the article expressing his feelings when switching from Android to iPhone by reporter Mike Sorrentino of Cnet technology news site.

When I decided to switch to an iPhone from an Android phone last month, I didn’t think it was worth writing an entire article like this. For the past few years, when you were using Android phones, it was always easy to keep in touch with friends and family because there were many non-Apple services that let you send text messages and make video calls.

When I switched to iPhone and got to use iMessage with FaceTime, I see it as simply a privilege you get if you choose an iOS device. Sure, it’s 2021, who cares if their friends are “green bubble“good”blue bubble” in the message box too? But then after starting to use my new iPhone, messages like this from many friends started appearing:

Glad you turned blue!!!

Welcome to the Apple club!

Just in time right?

Those are the real words, via text or in person, that friends told me when they heard about the incident – but I don’t understand why they were so happy.

iMessage is really convenient. So does FaceTime. Although I chose to buy the iPhone 12 Pro Max because of the design and app privacy controls in iOS 14.5, I don’t think this decision will make a noticeable difference to my friends. Even more, I didn’t expect it to be so important that it caused everyone to express such enthusiastic joy.

During the three years of using Android on the Moto Z2 Play and Pixel 3 XL, the aforementioned friends and I often met on other services. Many people use WhatsApp for messaging. I love using Google Duo for video calls – and it has many of the new improvements that FaceTime is getting this fall in iOS 15, like sending call invite links, portrait mode, and chat in any of these web browsers. For most people who don’t use WhatsApp or Duo, the Facebook Messenger and Microsoft Skype combo is more than enough. And you can even use Instagram for group chats.

While people still feel comfortable using those non-Apple services, in the weeks before I switched to iPhone, many friends told me that they planned to stop using those services once I switched to iPhone. fully migrated to iOS.

You’re the only one I talk to on WhatsApp” – confessed a close friend from college. Before that, he said that WhatsApp was “super convenient”.

Two friends with whom I mostly chat on Facebook Messenger expressed excitement about moving our “chat room” to iMessage, and it occurred to me that one of them had never exchanged phone numbers with me. phone!

Another friend who was rarely interested in video calling with me when he was on Android, now calls me regularly when he finds out he can use FaceTime.

My family members don’t care if I have an iPhone or not. While I know it’s more convenient for them to use FaceTime, there’s one more important thing: callable or not? So, at least for them, video calling via WhatsApp and Skype shouldn’t be a problem.

Even Apple is starting to realize that making a call fast and easy no matter what your device is is the most important thing. Having FaceTime open up a little more to allow Android, Windows, and anywhere users to participate can be seen as half the problem: iOS users will be able to add whoever they want to. want to enter a call, but only Apple devices have the privilege to initiate a FaceTime call. In an interview, Apple’s senior vice president Craig Federighi admitted that opening FaceTime has always been what Apple’s customers want.

There’s always someone in a large group who doesn’t have an Apple device, and you don’t want to leave them out, and we don’t want you to have to use something other than FaceTime, and so we think as a Apple customers, what do you want, you want to be able to meet all your friends“- said Federighi.

And while that’s great, it’s also a competitive move. Apple knows that if it doesn’t catch up with rival services like Zoom, even its most loyal customers will turn away from FaceTime.

For me, switching to an iPhone didn’t change much. I still keep in touch with everyone I know. Only, now, since I’ve become a “blue bubble”, it’s going to be a little easier for my friends and family, who prefer iPhones.

Minh.TT (According to Cnet)

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