Turning complexity into simplicity and hitting the pain points directly, how does “One Thought Happy” play with “placement and cultivation”?Original

The past 2020 is known as the “placed first year” of the mobile game industry, and the successive hits of “Sword and Expedition” and “The Strongest Snail” have not only made players feel the unique fun and charm of “placed mobile games” , Which also allows game manufacturers to see the broad prospects hidden in it.

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Therefore, by observing the various types of new works in the second half of 2020, we can find that, whether it is MMO, card RPG or SLG, many new products are “fashioned” with embedded “placement” systems. However, as far as the actual experience is concerned, the “placement” system in most products seems a bit blunt, and it seems to exist only as a “resource release” button that allows players to “get for nothing”.

Until recently, the new “Cultivation of Immortals and Placement” released by Thunder Games, developed by Nebula Studios, finally made GameRes feel the joy of placement.

Since its official launch on February 1, “One Thought Happy” has entered the public eye as a “dark horse”. It broke into the TOP10 iOS best-selling list on the first day and reached the TOP5 high position the next day.

Even though the major traffic platforms have been warmed up for a long time in the early stage, perhaps few people would have thought that this seemingly “small and refined” placement new product can actually perform so eye-catching on the revenue side.

So what exactly did the success of “One Thought Happy” come from? After several days of experience, GameRes believes that the two dimensions of “improvement experience with a strong sense of substitution” and “multiple subdivision placement gameplay” are its core charms.

Focusing on the experience of “cultivating immortals” and shaping the “obscure” fairy world

In the past ten years, the theme of “Xianxia” has blossomed in the field of MMO, so much so that the “Xianxia game” is mentioned. A concrete templated picture will appear in the minds of the public.

However, should “Xianxia World” be the same? Obviously not.

As a very fantasy theme of oriental fantasy, I believe that the ideal “Xianxia World” in everyone’s mind is different, and it is this “hazy feeling” that exists in the thousands of thoughts of each individual. “It made the public fascinated and fascinated by it.

So what kind of painting style can be used to better present such a mysterious world that does not exist? The solution given in “Yi Nian Xiaoyao” is “ink and wash style”.

Aiming at the starting point of this design concept, the creative team of “One Thought Happy” stated on TapTap: “In our eyes, the free and free characteristics of ink and wash are very suitable for the elegant and free romanticism of Xiuxian culture; the smudge and white space of ink , It gives a very large uncertainty in the perception. This uncertainty performance brings a high degree of freedom and the experience of participating in the imagination space. This is fundamentally different from other paintings that pursue certainty and precision.”

On this basis, perhaps in order to interpret this kind of “hazy feeling” to the extreme, “Yi Nian Xiaoyao” even abandoned all kinds of mainstream products, which are fiercely competing for vertical drawing, modeling, and scenes. It can be simplified. It is said that only this virtual fairy world and everything in it outlines a clearer outline, and the rest of the details are left to the player to use imagination to ink, on the contrary, it creates a subtle sense of immersion.

After constructing such a “seemingly hazy, but real” fairy world, what players can clearly perceive is that the main creative team has carried out a series of detailed polishing with the core purpose of “focusing on the experience of immortality”.

In the game, no matter it is currency such as spirit stone, destiny, immortal fate, etc.; scenes such as sect, cave mansion, secret realm; realms such as refining tools, foundation building, pill formation, Yuan Ying, etc.; It can be said that after reasonable stacking and combination of every detail, it is very natural to form a set of “immortal cultivation system” that was created and spread by ancient books, and then after the optimization and dissemination of various fairy-xia novels in modern and modern times, and finally established and recognized and recognized by the public. “.

It is precisely because of this that, whether you are a loyal Xianxia fan or an ordinary general public player, you can have a strong sense of substitution during the experience of “One Thought Happy”, as if you are really in a fantasy “Xianxia World”, incarnate as a “cultivator”, collect spiritual veins, join sects, fight with alien beasts, bond with Daoist friends, fight against the heavens… Step by step, strengthen yourself and go against the sky.

Perhaps it is this sense of substitution. During the process of experiencing the game, the author saw that some players’ chat methods have become ancient and ancient in the world channel, and there is a sense of immortality and superiority. Believe that they are all experiencing the game while immersing themselves in their own beautiful fantasy world, and they feel the joy that is hard to experience in real life.

At this point, one of the main reasons for the success of “One Thoughts” is obvious: the macroscopic hazy fairy world structure is used to carry the player’s infinite imagination, and the micro-level polishing of various details will all strengthen the player’s “” “Cultivation experience”, with the strong sense of substitution after the blend of the two, it is not a problem to win the favor of players.

Firmly grasp the main line of “value-driven” and focus on the fun of “placement” gameplay

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, after the emergence of individual placement explosions in 2020, many manufacturers have adopted the “placement” gameplay into new products. However, in GameRes’s view, the current “placement” subdivision gameplay is still in its early stages, and there is still a lot of room to be developed. It doesn’t make much sense to simply use it as a vassal to other gameplay. Instead, tap its potential. , Making it the main source of all game fun and pleasure feedback for players, “One Thought Happy” does this.

First of all, objectively speaking, the overall game framework of “One Thought Happy” has not made much breakthrough. As a standard “numerical product”, the pursuit of numerical enhancement of “combat power” is the core driving force for every player to go deep into the game. Various PVE and PVP activities and tasks to obtain resources, and a diversified development system are the ways to increase the value.

But in this seemingly traditional framework, the main creative team has given the game a lot of unique derivative fun by polishing the “placement” gameplay. GameRes believes that the essence can be summarized as “Multi-line placement, multi-line feedback, high-frequency stimulation.

To put it simply, all kinds of subdivision “placement gameplay” run through “One Thought Happy”, and the commendable thing is that they can be synchronized most of the time.

For example, in addition to the 24-hour non-stop “automatic training”, the player can also select the designated map in “Explore” to “place monsters”, switch to “dongfu” to start batch “alchemy”, and then switch to “town” for shopping Visit “Fangshi”, hit “Town Demon Tower” and so on.

After one pass, the character’s cultivation base has been continuously improved, the resources in the exploration map are all in the bag, the pill and equipment are refined, the daily tasks are not delayed, and the combat effectiveness has undergone a new round of improvement. It can be said that everyone is happy.

From the perspective of the C-side experience, the multi-line positive feedback brought by multi-line placement can give players a subtle pleasure of “excess time utilization”.

In addition, due to the fact that the placement and subdivision gameplay of training, exploration, etc. has the same offline characteristics, plus the tasks that are randomly spawned in the “town”, etc., compared to the single placement of similar games, it can be greater during the player’s offline period. To a great extent, it mobilizes its desire to “collect vegetables” on the line, which undoubtedly boosts the retention of the game.

On this basis, based on the core logic of “Numerical Drive” in “Yi Min Xiaoyao”, it can be found that the R&D team has split the method of “enhancing combat effectiveness” into countless branch gameplays, and integrated with “multi-line placement”. Repeated high-frequency numerical enhancement stimulation creates a positive experience loop that makes players “addictive”.

For example, after a player has been offline for a period of time, he can complete a series of “random tasks” that come into view first, and then collect the resources obtained in the “exploration map”, and then call these resources to “refining alchemy”, “Refining equipment”, due to the relevance of the “Gubao” system during the period, the different quality pills and equipment produced during the refining can also bring the players corresponding combat effectiveness enhancements.

Generally speaking, due to the existence of many branch development systems and their relevance to various “placement methods”, players can get relatively fine-grained, but continuous numerical stimulation during the game, thus always retaining the game Enthusiasm, this is also an experience that is difficult to obtain in other mobile games.


From “Unbelievable Labyrinth” to “Greed Caves”, Thunder Games has always been a Roguelike publisher in the eyes of the public, and especially favors “small and sophisticated” product publishers. They have almost never since the “Wen Dao” mobile game. Commercialized products have been released, but the success of “Yi Nian Xiaoyao” obviously once again proves its unique product selection vision and proficient commercial distribution experience.

In GameRes’s view, in addition to the significance of the game for Thunder, its launch also marks a leap for the entire “placement” category.

It can be said that “One Thought Happy” breaks out of the previous mainstream “placement + X” thinking shackles, and instead focuses on “placement” in the gameplay design, focusing more on “placement” itself, and first explores more subdivided placement gameplay. Application, from the actual experience, this series of attempts are successful and worth learning.

The only thing that latecomers need to pay attention to if they want to learn from the design ideas of “Yi Nian Xiaoyao” may be the issue of “value balance”. After all, this will inevitably put the game under the pressure of “forcing Krypton”.


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