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"Turn" your Instagram photos beautifully with these 6 professional editors

Instagram is one of the most used social media sharing sites today, but considering the issue of editing photos on smartphones, this is an outstanding app. So in this article, Sforum.vn will help you "turn" beautiful photos with 5 Instagram photo editors.


VSCO is a photo editing application that allows you to share your photos on Instagram which is so famous, especially for young people, is always a favorite software of Instagram hoters.

VSCO is not only the master of a range of free and paid filters, but also a simpler version of Photoshop software that corrects some basic specifications. Different from all other filters, VSCO offers the highest rated filters from classic, sophisticated, to modern, completely changing the image from simple, normal to a new level.

While serving all customers with a wide range of color filters, when it comes to VSCO, bold and sharp colors are what make this brand famous.

After completing the photo editing, you can upload it to the VSCO platform, or you can choose to share it on other platforms, such as Instagram.


Snapseed is a favorite choice of people who often take photos on smartphones by extremely powerful photo editing options. Not only is the interface easy to use, rich in color filters, Snapseed also offers a lot of editing tools to help you spoil your creativity for each photo.

In addition, the application also has a built-in RAW photo editor, which not only applies to RAW photos taken from phone cameras but also from DSLR cameras.

When you finish editing photos, you can choose to export or share it with the Instagram feed.

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Foodie photography app is an indispensable companion of culinary enthusiasts on today's social network. With beautiful, diverse color filters, the dishes will become extremely attractive.

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A Color Story

Although it is not owned or associated with Instagram, A Color Story integrates very closely with this platform. True to the name A Color Story, the application will bring a color story that makes photo editing more interesting than ever. With a sweet, bright, light color palette, the photo editing application A Color Story is suitable for feminine girls.

A Color Story also lets you write captions and schedule reminders to post your photos to Instagram. You can also connect your Instagram application directly to A Color Story using Instagram login information.

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Adobe Photoshop Express

This is a powerful and impressive photo editing application with a variety of tools, including filters, advanced features and the ability to create collages.

The application also has a relatively unique feature that is the ability to select the size of the edited image output. This gives you the flexibility to choose the quality and resolution you want.
After you've finished editing your photos, you can share them with many other apps and social networks, including Instagram.

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With Pixlr, you can not only create collages and use rich, diverse color filters, but also many other interesting tools like sticker, frame, along with dual exposure and superimposition (Overlay image but still see clearly).

This is also a very powerful photo editing application including traditional editing and beauty tools like smoothing, automatic correction, sharpening, etc. It can be said, Pixlr combines many of the best features of the application. Using photo editing to a central editor can be shared to Instagram.

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Above is "Transform" beautiful photos with 6 Instagram photo editors. Don't forget to share this article with your friends!

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