Turn photos into paintings on Photoshine

Turn photos into paintings on Photoshine

Turn photos into paintings in seconds with PhotoShine software that helps you create beautiful black and white works. You can use these pictures as avatars, avatars on Facebook, Zalo … For more details, please refer to the following implementation content of ElectrodealPro

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Unlike the famous photo editing software Adobe Photoshop, Photoshine also has a photo editing function but does not include many photo editing tools, on the contrary, it offers a multitude of different frames and effects for your comfort. choose and apply your own image instead of having to use Adobe Photoshop. In addition, you can use this utility to transform photos into paintings.

Photo gallery with photoshine

Previously, taimienphi.vn instructed you how to combine photos in Photoshop, in this article we will help you turn your simple photos into beautiful pencil drawings.

Turn photos into paintings with Photoshine

Step 1: Open a picture file that you love in Photoshine, by selecting New and selecting the path containing the image file. In this article, we will choose this photo.

photoshine photoshine bien anh pictures

Step 2: After opening the picture to create a picture, this time the image will automatically be displayed in 2 main window areas.

In the thumbnail area there are 5 main function keys:
new: To open another image file.
– 3 animal face icons represent different images (differentiated by 3 arrows with different colors)
+ Red arrow: Creates monochrome images
+ Green arrow: Create old photos
+ Orange arrow: Create pencil drawings.
– The remaining 4-sided icon: Change the angle of the painting (rotate 90 degrees, 180 degrees …)


Step 3: To turn a photo into a picture, to help you easily compare the previous image with the next photo, betdownload.com will insert a frame into your picture.

Step 4: After you have inserted a frame into the picture, at this time both pictures are real images, click the pencil drawing tool on any image, that image immediately turns into a pencil drawing.

Attention: For pencil paintings not to be blurred, it is best to apply them on a picture with a clear light, dark, and avoid applying it to photos with light colors.

The above is a basic example for those who want to explore the features of Photoshine. Also you can use this utility to edit photos, edit brightness, contrast, colors …


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