Turn off anti-virus sound on Avira, mute Avira Free AntiVirus emitted when removing Virus

Turn off anti-virus sound on Avira, mute Avira Free AntiVirus emitted when removing Virus

Change when the anti-virus sound of Avira Free Antivirus software helps you know that the program has detected and eliminated a dangerous virus in the system, but when you are working, the sound will be annoying. with others. Refer to how to mute the sound Avira Free AntiVirus emits when removing the virus in the content below.

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Avira Free AntiVirus is the leading anti-virus software selected and used by many users around the world. However, if you do not pay close attention that each time the virus is finished, the utility will emit a very unpleasant sound. This is only detected when you are using computer speakers or headphones to listen to music or watch movies.

Turn off when using antivirus on avira free antivirus

If in the previous article, taimienphi.vn helped you Remove ads in Avira Then in this article, you will know how to turn off the signaling sound when antivirus is finished.

How to turn off sound in Avira

Avira always refreshes the features in the program to better support the user. You should download and install the latest version of Avira for better use. Download the latest version here: DownloadAvira Free

Step 1: Open Avira Free AntiVirus. On the toolbar select Extras -> Configuration, or use the key F8 on the keyboard.

turn off when using avira virus diet

Step 2: Choose General -> Acoustic alerts.

In the window to the right of the item Acoustic alerts, tick No warning -> OK to save your settings

Avira Free AntiVirus

In addition, also in this window if you do not want to turn off this alarm completely but want to replace it with another sound, select Use the following WAV-file, open the path of the folder containing the sounds you like (note music files have formats WAV).

The above article guides you on the Avira Free AntiVirus software, for the version of Avira Intetnet Security do the same. Besides Avira Free AntiVirus, you can also download other anti-virus and anti-trojan software at betdownload.com.


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