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Turkish phone carrier steals Cooked ROM on XDA, releasing it, discovered new thanks to the author

Probably probably, it is rare for a phone manufacturer to get cooked ROM (cooked ROM) from the XDA-developers forum and release it for their devices, but also forgot to "thank you" the owner. kernel of ROM.

General Mobile – a company making Turkish Android phones has been found to get a copy of Android Q ROM which is redone from GSI version (Generic System Image – an almost original Android version, not customized from AOSP source code that any Android 8.1 device or above can run without problems) of the user named erfanoabdi on XDA. General Mobile then released two phone models under its own Android Q Beta trial program (not on Google's supported manufacturers list).

On github, Erfan Abdi posted his findings. Specifically, General Mobile only customizes this unofficial ROM as adding its logo, changing some properties to be compatible with the device manufactured by this company. Everything personal like the user name including the package name, tweaks, folders, and sign of the file are all imprinted by Erfan Abdi and it proves that General Mobile has "hacked".

Even General Mobile posted a notice on its forum that:

"You may not sell, rent, lease, redistribute, publish, transmit, modify, re-license, transfer any content including copies downloaded from General Mobile to third parties. .

We will launch an investigation for those found not to comply with the above conditions "

Having stabbed it again proved dangerous and the announcement was taken down as soon as the case was discovered.

General Mobile later thanked the original developers of GSI version as well as 2 cooker erfanoabdi and phhusson. Although the ROM author is not serious about the problem, it cannot hide the fact that General Mobile is playing too bad

The ROM version on XDA is usually quite good in terms of quality but the fact that a phone maker uses Cooked ROM on XDA to release is unbelievable, especially in terms of security.


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