Turkey 'vindicated' for LNA air raid Al-Watiya
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Turkey ‘vindicated’ for LNA air raid Al-Watiya

(Turkish news) – The Turkish military in Libya has pointed out the force carrying out the air strike on Al-Watiya base and that is not the Libyan National Army (LNA).

According to a statement on July 12, the precise air raid on the Al-Watiya base destroyed several MIM-23 Hawk air defense systems and the KORAL electronic warfare system deployed by Ankara here.

Especially surprising and contrary to the previously published information, both Turkey and the Libyan National Treaty Government (GNA) stated that the air strike was not carried out by the LNA.

Tho 'vindicated' LNA by pretending to be Al-Watiya
Al-Watiya base after being raided.

“It is not the Su-24 or MiG-29 of the LNA that carried out the air strike as previously reported, the real culprit that carried out the attack was the UAE Air Force Mirage fighter from the air base. Sidi Barrani army of Egypt.

We are in the process of preparing for an appropriate response plan. All parties involved in the attack on Al-Watiya have to pay the price, “the statement said.

According to allegations from Turkey, the Mirage 2000 used by the UAE Air Force is manufactured by France – a very active party in supporting LNA against Turkey and GNA-backed Ankara forces.

This is also one of the reasons that the conflict between the two NATO members in Libya can spark a military conflict.

The most obvious risk occurred in late June 2020 when a French ship was targeted by a Turkish guard ship with radar targeting when it checked a cargo ship suspected of transporting weapons to Libya.

Specifically, the French Courbet on duty in a NATO campaign tried to inspect the Tanzanian flagged cargo ship on suspicion it violated an arms embargo imposed by the United Nations on Libya. Escorts of cargo ships flying the flag of Tanzania are guard ships of Turkey.

According to French officials, the Turkish guard ships have three times deployed radar targeting the French ships, usually carried out when warships intend to attack missiles.

Turkey said the French accusation was baseless. Turkey insisted its escorts only observed the Courbet, accusing the French ships of moving at high speed and danger.

“This extremely serious incident must be brought up and our allies concerned,” French Defense Minister Florence Parly told the French Senate. She said eight of the 30 NATO members supported her intervention.

“We confirm that the NATO military authorities are investigating the incident to bring clarity to what happened,” said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. Turkey has caused a lot of turmoil in NATO in recent years when it intervened in Syria, Libya and purchased S-400 air defense systems from Russia.

Relations between Turkey and France – already strained by Ankara’s military offensive against Syrian Kurdish militia – were strained when Ankara supported the GNA’s government. Libya is internationally recognized.

Although France publicly denied it, the country has long been suspected of backing Marshal Khalifa Haftar, commander of the LNA – anti-GNA force. The United Nations imposed an arms embargo on Libya as an attempt to contain the conflict that erupted in Libya since 2011.

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