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Turkey summons US ambassador to recognize the Armenian genocide

Overview of the US House of Representatives meeting in Washington, DC. Photo: AFP / TTXVN

These officials said US ambassador to Turkey David Satterfield was summoned to the State Department for "a resolution without any historical and legal basis" and a bill to impose sanctions on the campaign. Turkish military in Syria.

Earlier, the US House of Representatives on October 29, with 405 votes in favor and 11 votes against, supported the measure "confirming the US record of Armenian genocide", the first resolution in the US Congress, where the The same method with such straightforward language has been introduced for decades but has never been adopted.

At the same time, US lawmakers also passed a bill to impose sanctions on Ankara's attack on Kurdish forces in Northern Syria.

Turkey strongly denied charges of genocide and claimed both Armenians and Turks were killed by the First World War. It is estimated that the death toll has reached hundreds of thousands.

The historical controversies surrounding the Armenian massacre during World War I still cast a shadow on relations between Armenia and Turkey. Armenia believes that about 1.5 million citizens of this country were killed in this war. Meanwhile, Ankara has consistently denied allegations of massacre, imprisonment, and forced expulsion against Armenians since 1915 and then escalated to genocide under the Ottoman Empire on April 24, 1515. Before the United States, France and more than 20 other countries recognized this as the Armenian genocide.

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