Turkey reminds Britain of the lessons of the Crimean war with Russia

Turkey reminds Britain of the lessons of the Crimean war with Russia

“In the near term, the new clash of these two countries may revolve around the issue of international law.” This is the conclusion made by expert James Stavridis in an article in the US newspaper Bloomberg.

The author writes: “Russia and Great Britain clashed in the Black Sea, in the area disputed with Ukraine. On June 23, the British destroyer HMS Defender sailed from Odessa to Batumi through waters Russia considers its own. own after the annexation of Crimea in 2014”.

“According to the Russian side, volleys of artillery and warning bombs were used to expel the British destroyer. However, the British Ministry of Defense denied everything, despite the fact that the Russian side provided quite detailed information. details”.

The clash comes as Britain and other NATO countries support Ukraine’s position, which considers the occupation of Crimea a violation of international law. Therefore, London still recognizes the territorial waters off the Crimean peninsula as belonging to Ukraine, and the frigate’s passage is in full compliance with international law as well as the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

The author asserts, it is not without reason that the British destroyer was named Defender – “Guardian”, because the ship completed the task of “defending freedom of navigation” when confronting the Russian Army. in the Black Sea.

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The risk of military conflict on the Black Sea cannot be ignored

However, according to the Turkish publication Evrensel, recent events in the Black Sea show that the Western strategy to “contain Russia” has not changed, it is still trying to establish its dominance in the region. region and the world.

The provocation of the British destroyer off the coast of Crimea along with the NATO countries’ Sea Breeze 2021 naval exercises that began immediately after that was the link in a chain, the West deliberately provoked Russia to have a clash. The Black Sea increasingly turns into a barrel of gunpowder, where even the slightest spark can lead to a violent outbreak.

The purpose of the US and NATO when conducting naval exercises in the Black Sea is to show Russia that it is under siege. The United States and its NATO allies will not back down from their plans, so it is easy to provoke a Second Crimean War.

The author urges the West to remember the lessons of the First Crimean War, which took place in the period 1853 – 1856. According to the assessment, the event today is very similar to what happened in the 19th century.

The Ottoman Empire was then supported by Western countries that seemed to have won the war against Russia, but this was the beginning of the end of Turkish power. Currently Russia is much stronger and if they can defeat them, they will have to pay a very heavy price.

At the same time, Evrensel’s article hopes that the Ankra government does not damage relations with Russia, because in the event of a military conflict, hostile actions will also affect Turkey – a NATO member. .

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