Turkey is ready to supply the UAV Bayraktar TB2 to Kyrgyzstan

Turkey is ready to supply the UAV Bayraktar TB2 to Kyrgyzstan

Turkish media citing an unnamed military source affirmed that Ankara is ready to provide Kyrgyzstan with any assistance needed to serve the war against Tajikistan.

“Turkey is ready to provide the highest level of military assistance to Bishkek if the host country government shows interest in the offer,” the Ankara-based source said.

Tho Nhi Ky san provided the Bayraktar TB2 UAV for Kyrgyzstan
Turkey declares its readiness to supply the Bayraktar TB2 drone and many advanced weapons to Kyrgyzstan

It is noteworthy that Ankara is clearly aware that Russia will certainly not be able to interfere in the armed conflict between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, due to the fact that both countries are members of the Collective Defense Treaty Organization – CSTO.

Meanwhile in Bishkek, politicians clearly had the greatest interest in gaining control of disputed territories. Before this fact, Turkey can actually be “green light” to participate in this armed conflict.

“For Turkey, this is a great opportunity to advertise its weapons again, find new allies and undermine Russia’s position. So far, the situation for Tajikistan has been hopeless, because Dushanbe has no means of supporting Turkish long-range jet artillery and unmanned aircraft, ”noted a Russian expert.

Up to now, the situation on the border of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan has calmed down somewhat, but military clashes between the two militaries continue and are always in danger of erupting into full-blown war. self what takes place between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

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