Turkey intends to annex all of northern Syria

Turkey intends to annex all of northern Syria

According to regional media, the active dispatch of Turkish Army troops and weapons to the northern regions of Syria is related to the Ankara government’s intention to realize its intention to unintentionally annex several thousand square kilometers of land. belt under the sovereignty of Syria into its territory.

Based on information from sources, currently pro-Turkish jihadis are actively campaigning against the Syrian regime, and even forcing local people to support the separation of the territories. North of the Arab republic away from the rest of the country.

It is known that Turkey plans to hold a referendum in the northern regions of Syria and thereby capture a significant portion of the Arab republic’s acreage, while Ankara intends to ignored the outrage from Moscow, on the grounds that the reunification of Crimea with Russia had proceeded in a similar way.

The Consortium is about to merge to the North of Syria
Turkey has ambitions to annex the northern part of Syria

Currently, Turkey is directly under the control of Afrin province after carrying out a military campaign to capture in early 2018, while Idlib and Aleppo provinces are actually under the control of the Ankara government. Armed friendly groups.

The annexation of the northern part of Syria is considered to be the next concrete step in the process of restoring the aura of the Ottoman Empire.

So far, the Turkish side has declined to comment on the published information of any kind.

In the meantime all attention is on Russia, as Moscow has shown President Erdogan its readiness to ensure the protection of Syrian territory in the event of new attacks from wars. jihadis controlled by Ankara.

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