Turkey-Azerbaijan began joint exercises near the Armenian border

Turkey-Azerbaijan began joint exercises near the Armenian border

Turkey and Azerbaijan will conduct offensive exercises on the border with Armenia. Note that, after last summer’s drills, Azerbaijan, with the support of Turkey, waged war in Karabakh, so the new exercise is an alarming signal, military expert Ruben Margaryan of the newspaper Political Experts said.

Tho-Azerbaijan started to join the border with Armenia
The Azerbaijani army is preparing to conduct joint exercises with Turkey.

Units of the Azerbaijani armed forces have departed to Turkey to prepare for the upcoming joint exercises on February 1 to 12, this newspaper said. Turkey and Azerbaijan with military equipment are expected to practice joint drills, offensive operations, air strikes and military drills during the drills. landing.

The exercise will take place in Kars, a border region of Turkey. Note that the area is located in the Shirak region of Armenia, where the 102nd military base of Russia is located in the city of Gyumri.

Excluding the conflict that just ended in Nagorno-Karabakh, the new joint exercise by Azerbaijan and Turkey on the Armenian border was seen as a provocative act with quite clear message content. This is a demonstration of strength, a “reminder” to Armenia.

Will this exercise serve as a prelude to a big new war? In fact, this is difficult to happen. Due to the fact that the Russian peacekeeping army is in this area, the two countries furthermore signed a truce in the presence of Russia.

Furthermore, the current President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev is having another priority: A highway will connect Azerbaijan with Nakhichevan autonomous government via Armenia and build a railway along this route. In terms of geopolitics this is more important than for Azerbaijan.

And the joint exercise with Turkey is only intended to put pressure on Yerevan so that when sitting at the Armenian – Azerbaijan negotiating table with the witness of Russia, Azerbaijan will take advantage.

In addition, experts believe that Azerbaijan will use the joint exercise with Turkey as a tool to “extort” Yerevan to gain more favorable areas for itself on the Armenian – Azerbaijan border. And this exercise also allows Azerbaijan to postpone the most pressing problem facing Armenia, the release of prisoners of war, whom Aliyev calls a spoiler and intends to adjudicate. amnesty in stages.

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