Turboant X7 Pro electric scooter review: A reliable choice thanks to a strong battery upgrade - VnReview

Turboant X7 Pro electric scooter review: A reliable choice thanks to a strong battery upgrade – VnReview

Compared to its predecessor, the most notable upgrade on the Turboant X7 Pro is the battery – which means significantly improved travel distance between charges, and less hassle of constantly charging. For an option to replace a bicycle, that factor is well worth keeping in mind.

Last year, VnReview had the opportunity to experience and evaluate the Turboant X7 electric scooter. Overall, it is an interesting alternative to a bicycle for short distances with a sturdy design, convenient folding and high operating speeds. However, the battery life of the Turboant X7 is not really impressive, as the maximum distance traveled on a single charge is only 25km under ideal conditions.

Recently, Turboant has released an upgraded version called X7 Pro, bringing a few significant upgrades to improve the user experience, most notably battery life. Turboant X7 Pro has a listing price of $ 700 on its website compared to the $ 600 figure of the X7, but at the time of writing, the car is being discounted on the Black Friday program to $ 450, equivalent to 10 , 4 million dong.

Keeping the design philosophy with a few “small but big” changes

The first impression of the Turboant X7 Pro is that it does not have much change in design philosophy compared to the X7. That’s fine, since the form-factor of something like an electric scooter isn’t something that can be easily changed, and if Turboant reap the successes with the X7, there’s no reason to risk it in a hurry. flap.

Dimensions (length x width x height) 1056 x 420 x 1166 mm (when built), Turboant X7 Pro is almost identical to the X7, only a few millimeters difference, so for those who have experienced both sessions. version as I write, the familiarity is very clear. The maximum payload of Turboant X7 Pro is still 125 kg, while some competitors such as Xiaomi M365 Pro have only 100 kg payload.

The reason that the Turboant X7 Pro can be confident with such a high load is thanks to the chassis made of solid aluminum alloy, only the rear fender (also the role of the foot brake) and the tire rim are details made of plastic. The writer daily tests with a weight of 120 kg and up to now, on the car there is no sign of anything unusual.

The Turboant X7 Pro is a scooter that can be folded (foldable) when needed, on the body with a lever to insert the notch on the rear fender. The total weight of the car has increased to 15 kg due to the changing battery size, carrying this car up the stairs every day as I write is indeed a very uncomfortable job.

The first big design change of the Turboant X7 Pro is the display, as it completely covers the front instead of just a small circular area. However, the amount of displayed content remains the same, including speed, remaining battery capacity and driving mode. The vehicle has three driving modes including Beginner (6 miles-9.6km / h), Eco (10 miles-16km / h) and Sports (20 miles-32km / h).

The details on the Turboant X7 Pro’s handlebars have not changed. Two car handles are designed with hexagonal pattern to limit slippery, sweat grip; The red pe-dal accelerator stands out, consisting of two buttons, the power button and the function button. Hold the power button for 3 seconds to power the vehicle off and on, while the function button switches between the three driving modes and on and off the lights. The bell, however, appears to be softer and more responsive, making it easier to maneuver when driving on the street.

Turboant X7 Pro has a battery capacity of up to 10 Ah, compared with 6.4 Ah of the X7. Therefore, the placement of the X7 Pro’s battery has also been redesigned, instead of being inserted into the body shaft, there is a snare mechanism for users to attach outside the shaft. The removable battery proved very convenient in everyday use. You just need to bring it into the house to charge instead of bringing the whole car in, or buy more batteries to use in rotation while the other battery is charging. However, this design makes the front end a bit heavier and has an effect on vehicle balance. Depending on the user, it may take a while to get used to. In addition, the batteries taken out will also increase the risk of them being affected by external forces if a collision occurs.

Currently, Turboant also retails the X7 Pro’s battery on the homepage for $ 200 (equivalent to 4.6 million), not too cheap, but in exchange for convenience, it is also a worthy investment. prompt. The representative of the company also said that other accessories of the car will soon be posted on the homepage so that users can replace if needed.

One advantage of placing the battery on the chassis instead of under the footrest is that the underbody has more space, which is essential when you ride uphill or through puddles. According to Turboant, the X7 Pro can climb 15 degrees comfortably, and is IPX4 water resistant.

Tires are perhaps the Turboant X7 Pro’s biggest change, both literally and figuratively. The tire diameter has been increased from 8.5 inches to 10 inches, and is a traditional tubed tire instead of a tubeless tire. The X7 Pro’s large tires give a more compact feel, especially through rough roads.

The point to improve the tires of the Turboant X7 Pro is the pump valve, when they are close to the rim and it is not easy to remove the protective cap. Fortunately, with the use of tubular tires, the usage time between each pump has been significantly extended, instead of every 2-3 days like the X7, the writer only had to pump the X7 Pro 1 time / week.

In terms of safety, the Turboant X7 Pro inherits the X7’s three-brake system, including electronic brakes, disc brakes and rear fenders. In most cases, the X7 Pro’s brakes are always smooth and smooth, but if you go at high speed in Sports mode, when the brakes still feel sudden, you should slow down with the front brake. squeeze the brake. It is known that even if there is not enough battery to operate, the X7 Pro still retains some of the energy for the electronic brake system, which will be a “lifeline” if you unfortunately run out of battery while going downhill.

The LED lighting of the X7 Pro version is increased to 3W, the projection angle is still fixed, but cannot be adjusted far-near. When the lights are turned on, the rear LED will also light up, the mechanism works like other traffic (always on, brighter when the brake is pressed).

Practical experience and use

It is difficult to accurately measure the distance traveled after each charge of the Turboant X7 Pro, when the car does not have a speedometer like a motorcycle or a car. According to the manufacturer, the X7 Pro’s 10 Ah battery can withstand up to 48 km in ideal conditions (the driver weighs 75 kg, the road is flat). According to the test conditions of the writer with a load of 120 kg, the actual number is about 30-32 km, which is reasonable compared to the figure of 20 km of the X7.

The battery capacity display scale of the X7 Pro is still unreliable, for example, when driving, there are 4 battery bars, but after a while, it “jumps” to 5 bars. Turboant can switch to percentage display, which will be more intuitive, but looking far away, this is actually a problem for many other devices, such as smartphones or laptops, sometimes it tends to display incorrectly. batery percent.

Fully charging the Turboant X7 Pro 10 Ah battery takes about 6 hours, exactly like what the manufacturer announced and similar to the X7.

X7 Pro is still equipped with a 350W motor, but it is unclear what Turboant has tweaked to feel the first gas is quieter than the X7, especially in Sports mode. At an ideal load of 60-70 kg, achieving a maximum speed of 32 km / h is simple and quick after a few hundred meters, the car has no trouble maintaining this speed.

The overall driving feel of the X7 Pro has also been significantly improved, mainly thanks to the larger tires, the rough road is no longer “scary” as before. However, as mentioned, since the front end is heavier than before, it will take users some time to get used to the balance of the vehicle.

Regarding the warranty policy, Turboant X7 Pro products enjoy a 6-month policy, which lasts up to one year if users register for an account and buy products on the Turboant homepage. If there is an error from the manufacturer, the X7 Pro will be renewed or refunded within 7 days; Renew in 30 days. If after 30 days but still within the warranty period, Turboant will provide free components and video tutorials for users to repair themselves if they want.


In keeping with the convenient folding design philosophy of its predecessor, the Turboant X7 Pro delivers the necessary upgrades, improvements in terms of duration and overall experience. The larger capacity battery makes long trips possible, while the larger tires provide a secure, secure everyday feel. On short to medium distances, electric scooters like the Turboant X7 Pro offer a freedom and convenience that other vehicles can hardly match.

Speaking of the downsides, the biggest hurdle for us to consider the Turboant X7 Pro is the price tag. The $ 700 price tag for the car or the $ 200 price tag for the spare battery is obviously big investments in exchange for convenience. At an appropriate time, such as a sale at the time of writing, Turboant’s electric scooter will be worth a lot more.

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