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Tumblr is blocked, fix the error that cannot access Tumblr


Tumblr is a blog and social network that allows users to post multimedia content on it and also follow other users’ blogs. But recently, there are quite a few people who have encountered Tumblr, being blocked, unable to access. To find out the cause as well as how to fix the error, please refer to the following article of ElectrodealPro to learn how to fix the error.

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Since being launched in 2007 up to now, blogging platform Tumblr caused quite a lot of controversy. Some private networks and Internet service providers even “block” from allowing users to access websites. In the article below, ElectrodealPro will guide you on how to block Tumblr.

access cap tumblr bi chan sua loi tumblr

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Article Contents:
1. What is Tumblr ?.
2. The cause of the Tumnlr error is blocked.
3. Fixed the issue that could not access Tumblr.

1. What is Tumblr?

If not, Tumblr is a blogging platform that combines elements of blogging and social media. Users can create a short-term blog and post various content such as text, videos and images. In addition users can also follow other blogs as well as comment or share content with each other.

Fix no access to tumblr

The Tumblr blog management dashboard includes live feeds from blogs that users follow. Blog editing is done through HTML and CSS code editing. If you want to improve blog post search rankings, all you need to do is use tags.

2. The cause of the Tumnlr error is blocked

One of the main reasons why Tumblr users are blocked is mainly because of the use of “adult” content. So the network administrator can block the website completely to remove the user’s access.

Another reason is because Tumblr is a social networking platform. Some private networks (private networks) often “block” users from accessing social networking platforms, regardless of what the content is on these platforms.

3. Fixed the issue that could not access Tumblr

To get to Tumblr all you need to do is bypass the security restrictions.

There are 2 ways to bypass these restrictions:

The first way is to use an online proxy service. Just connect to the proxy and request Tumblr access, then the proxy will retrieve the website data and display it as if you were going to the website directly.

How to import tumblr bi chan

Another way is to use a VPN (virtual private network).

Basically, a VPN works similarly to a proxy, except the service will create a secure VPN tunnel used to transfer data between your device and the VPN / Internet server. The service will hide your IP address and allow you to connect to the Internet as if you were in another region / country, ….

This way bypasses the restrictions of your private network and Internet service provider, giving you access to Tumblr.

On the Internet there are many different VPN services, but not all VPNs are effective. If you are wondering which VPN to choose to use, you can refer to the article VPN list Best free 2020 on ElectrodealPro to learn more.
The above article ElectrodealPro just instructed you how to fix Tumblr blocked, unable to access. Also, readers can refer to some articles already on ElectrodealPro to find out way to login Facebook blocked on Laptop, PC, Android, iOS.



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