TT Trump: America will produce enough vaccine for the entire population in April 2021
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TT Trump: America will produce enough vaccine for the entire population in April 2021

President Donald Trump on Friday (September 18) said that the US will produce a full dose of COVID-19 vaccine for the entire population by April next year.

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Hundreds of millions of doses of vaccine will be produced each month, and we expect to have enough vaccine for every American by April.“, President Trump said during a press conference at the White House on September 18.

Trump also said the US will have 100 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine by the end of 2020.

Bulk” Vaccine “will be transported through our awesome army and that general is one of the best, he’s ready to join”Mr. Trump said. “We’re so good at this vaccine again, we think somewhere in the very near future we’ll have it”Mr. Trump said.

The White House boss’s remarks came after CDC director Robert Redfield on September 16 during a Congressional hearing said that the COVID-19 vaccine could not be mass produced until mid-2021. .

Immediately after Dr. Redfield’s statement, Mr. Trump said the CDC director’s comments were completely false. The President affirmed “certainly it was never as late as that doctor said“.

Leading infectious disease expert, Dr Anthony Fauci on 18/9 said: “What the president is saying is absolutely believable, we’ll have an answer in October“.

In my opinion the vaccine will probably be ready by November or December“Mr. Fauci told WTOP. “We say it’s November, you can start in December, and you can start shipping the vaccine to high-risk individuals, as well as health care workers, vaccines. will start in December, through January, February. Therefore, the many people who really need the vaccines the most, the more vulnerable, are likely to get vaccinated early next year.“.

The US CDC on September 16 sent 50 states a document outlining its plan to distribute the vaccine free to all Americans who want the vaccine when it is proven to be safe and effective. There is currently no safe and effective approved vaccine, although many companies are in the final stages of clinical trials.

This distribution plan has been prepared under a program to speed up production and distribution of vaccines initiated by the White House, called “Operation Warp Speed“. Under this program, the COVID-19 vaccine will be ready for distribution within 24 hours after the US Food and Drug Administration has approved its emergency use.

The federal government will allocate the first doses of the vaccine to states based on CDC recommendations for the groups of people at greatest risk of COVID-19 infection.

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