TT argument: President Trump and Mr. Biden clashed over the Hunter Biden email scandal
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TT argument: President Trump and Mr. Biden clashed over the Hunter Biden email scandal

During his final presidential debate on Thursday night (October 22), President Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden clashed over alleged financial troubles abroad. President Trump said Mr. Biden “Owes the American people an explanation” of his son Hunter Biden’s past business dealings, while the former vice president can only deny that nothing “unethical” happened.

Controversy 2nd TT

During the debate, the two candidates also argued fiercely on a number of issues, such as race relations, minimum wages, immigration policy or the COVID-19 pandemic. Compared to the first debate that took place on September 29, the manager Kristen Welker does not seem to have to spend too much effort to maintain order between the two opponents.

President Trump mentioned the Hunter Biden email scandal

The Hunter Biden controversy revolves around recent news of the transactions between his son Biden and his business partner during his time as US vice president, thereby raising suspicions. Biden’s abuse of power to help with his son’s business. Mr. Biden and his campaign both denied participating in or making money from these deals. This must be the subject he does not want to mention in the debate, but clearly President Trump has not given him the opportunity to be silent.

“All emails… awful emails about the money you are grabbing, you and your family. And Joe, when these things happen, you’re the vice president. And it should never have happened, ” President Trump said. “I think you owe the American people an explanation.”

Mr. Biden replied: “I have never received a penny from any foreign money in my life.” Trying to reverse the position with President Trump, Mr. Biden changed the subject: “We are told, this president has paid 50 times taxes in China, has a secret bank account with China. Currently doing business in China. ”

“I have published all of my tax returns … my 22 years of tax returns,” Mr. Biden emphasized: “You haven’t released a tax return for a year … What are you hiding?”

President Trump said he would publish his tax return “As soon as I can.” He also claimed to have “prepaid” his taxes.

About an hour before the argument, Tony Bobulinski, a former Hunter Biden business partner, issued a direct statement, asserting that he was working with Joe Biden. President Trump invited Bobulinski to be his special guest at this last debate.

Before that, Mr. Joe Biden had repeatedly denied that he was involved in his son’s business, even “Has never spoken to a son about his overseas business dealings.”

“As Chris Wallace said on television about the smear, ‘Vice President Biden actually publishes his tax returns – unlike President Trump – and there is no sign of him. He has received money from anyone in these business transactions ‘,’ Biden campaign spokesman Andrew Bates on Thursday (October 21) said, “Mr. Joe Biden has never even thought of going into a business with his family, nor any business in a foreign country. He has never held a stake in any such business deal, nor has a family member or any other person ever held a stake for him. “

The candidates then returned to the hottest story of the day, when Biden called the charges against him “trash,” and President Trump replied: “You mean the laptop is now another Russian hoax?”

Corona virus has always been a hot topic

Also during the debate, the candidates clashed over the corona virus issue when both men mocked the opponent’s treatment before the pandemic.

Mr. Biden sarcastically: “Anyone who is held accountable for the deaths of so many, should not continue to be president of the United States of America.”

“We can’t lock ourselves in the basement like he did … He always had the mindset of living in the basement”, President Trump said.

President Trump also announced that there would be a vaccine “To be announced within the next few weeks” Thanks to the efforts of Operation Warp Speed, a public-private partnership to produce corona virus vaccines, then distribute them as soon as approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). President Trump also mentioned Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, and Pfizer – promising vaccine developers.

However, Mr. Biden stressed that more than 200,000 Americans have died from the corona virus pandemic and predictions “We will have another 200,000 Americans killed between now and the end of the year.”

“We are about to enter a dark winter, a dark winter,” Mr. Biden said.

Mr. Biden added that under his management he would “Make sure we encourage people to always wear masks … national standards … to open schools, start businesses.”

He also taunted President Trump for pushing the country to reopen quickly.

President Trump said: “We have to open up the country. We can’t close forever. America is a huge economy, people are unemployed, they are committing suicide, ”said the president. He said he remained want to open the school because the rate of infection through teachers is very low.

Satisfied, Mr. Biden sarcasm “All of you are teachers, there won’t be many of you dead, so don’t worry about it,” while trying to express that it was President Trump’s attitude toward the pandemic.

The two candidates oppose their views on the immigration policy and the minimum wage

The debate this time is less interrupted than the one in late September, when the two candidates both tried to restrain and show courtesy. But the atmosphere became more tense as President Trump and Joe Biden debated immigration and minimum wages.

“Parents … children have been pulled from their arms and divided … Those children are alone, with nowhere to go,” Mr. Biden spoke of the controversial policy of the family division that was highly controversial under President Trump. “It is a crime.”

Trump responded by pointing out that disputed border infrastructure over the past four years has been transferred from the Obama-Biden administration. “Who built the cages, Joe?” President Trump asked.

Later, President Trump criticized Mr. Biden for his policy “Catch and release” allow illegal immigrants to move freely before the court date for their illegal entry into the country. Mr. Biden said that the immigrants appeared largely on time on court day, while President Trump protested.

“The killer will enter America, the rapist will enter America, the bad person will come in,” Mr. Trump said. And “Only those with the lowest IQ” just returned to court on the day it was summoned, the rest, the US Border Patrol had to find immigrants who are in the community.

Regarding the minimum wage, the Welker executive asked Mr. Biden if raising the minimum wage to $ 15 / hour would make it more difficult for small businesses, many of which have been hit hard. caused by pandemic corona virus. Mr. Biden did not understand the question and said he would support federal money for small businesses.

“We will bail out them,” Mr. Biden said. “We should save them now, these small businesses.”

President Trump replied: “He said we must help our small businesses, by raising the minimum wage? That doesn’t help. I think it should be the state’s choice. Alabama is different from New York. New York is different from Vermont. Every state is different … How do you help small businesses when you force them to raise their salaries … What has to come exactly will come, if you do it [tăng lương tối thiếu]These small businesses lay off many of their employees. “

“No one should do two jobs, one job, below the poverty line”, Mr. Biden said. “They deserve a minimum wage of $ 15 … And there’s no evidence that when the minimum is raised, businesses will stop doing business.”

TT Trump: “Joe, I’m running for you.”

Near the end of the debate, President Trump accuse the Obama-Biden administration of being in Washington, DC it took too long but never fulfilled its policy goals. “Joe, I’m running for you. I’m running for Barack Obama. Because you two did so badly. If I thought you two did well, I’d never run for it, ” Mr. Trump stressed. He also accused the opponent “do nothing” on judicial reform and ethnic related policies during his time in the White House.

On the Mr. Biden’s side, he to unite and affirm that I will be a unified person. “I am running for president of the US as a proud Democrat. I do not see a distinction between red states and blue states. What I see is the United States of America, ” Mr. Biden said.

Finally, the two candidates mentioned the time to wait for this year – the presidential election that Mr. Biden called “The battle for the soul of the nation“, While Mr. Trump said it was a choice between “America dream” and “Socialist hell”.

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