TS.  Tạ Điền: The real enemy of the American conservatives

TS. Tạ Điền: The real enemy of the American conservatives

The Annual Congress of American Conservatives – Rightist Political Action Conference (CPAC) this year opens from February 25-28 in Orlando, Florida. What is most concerned about Americans is that former President Trump will be present and speak to the congress.

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People are interested after Mr. Trump left the White House in January, for over a month he has basically not spoken up systematically, nor did he have a plan for the next step, so they are waiting for his speech His expression at this conference. From 2017, Mr. Trump began planning to revive America and his policy of returning to conservatism and traditional notions, but the 2020 election suddenly disrupted everything. Will the American movement return to tradition, clarify the truth and persevere in conservativeism, will it come close to the brink of loss? What should the defenders of American conservatism take next? The real effort and enemy in front of them are the only radical Democrats, leftist Democrats and the so-called “progressiveism” star? Perhaps not only so, the real enemy of the defenders of American conservatism, by far, should probably be the Chinese Communist Party.

Mr. Trump’s speech at the CPAC will be related to the Chinese theme, will sarcasm Mr. Biden from many aspects and cover widely the contents and topics on immigration, China issues, etc. This year’s Conservative Annual Meeting is still limited in targeting the American Democrats, the American leftist and American socialists, lest they will. losing their real target, ignoring the real enemy, so they can’t help but face the real danger in the future.

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is an annual political mobilization congress organized by the American Conservatives Union (ACU), with the participation of activists. extreme conservatives and elected officials across America. The number of people attending these conventions that began in the 1970s has rapidly increased in recent years. Hundreds of conservative organizations and societies, thousands of vigorous activists, the brightest political stars and millions of spectators, will gather together by different means.

The learning and maturing process of the CPAC organizers is also very interesting. In 2014, they invited a character from the “The American Atheist Coalition” to attend, but immediately withdrew the invitation, because the atheists intended to brainwash conservative humanists. be there! In 2017, the left-wing mainstream media also actively beat the cheering drums, protesting the ACU president talking to former Trump adviser and former White House chief of staff for President Trump. In 2011, Mr. Trump joined the CPAC and spoke, generally thinking that this was the setting for Mr. Trump’s position within the Republican Party and his future political life.

The Congress had an interesting grassroots poll, often thought to be the direction of the conservativeist movement. During the congress, the participants will fill out a survey, which is the assessment of the conservative candidates. But these polls may not be accurate, in 2015, the CPAC surveyed and selected not Mr. Trump, but Mr. Rand Paul – a federal senator in the state of Kentucky. Although in 2016, Mr. Kentucky did not win a single electoral vote. Currently, Mr. Mitt Romney – Utah state senator, a person who has been fiercely criticized, is among the leaders in the base vote. But because he participated in and supported the first impeachment against Trump, the CPAC last year and this year did not invite him.

Similar conservative congress in Australia, Brazil, Japan also started to hold, it shows that the responsibility of conservatism is gradually gaining more attention and acceptance, becoming a force. rise up in world political forces.

This year’s Congress of American conservatives gets more attention, and more because the wave of American society is back in tradition, back to conservatism, because of his first tenure. Trump gave it a boost, also caused by 2020 election fraud and Mr Trump was at a disadvantage and interrupted. People are waiting for Mr. Trump to take action, possibly continue to fulfill the mission he has not yet completed, so people closely follow and explain the meaning of his statements. If Mr. Trump just knocked on Mr. Biden – an elderly person with weak expression, it is not enough to satisfy the expectations of the American people, not enough to encourage people to cool off. faced with election fraud and theft, also cannot contribute a small part to the great business of bringing America back to tradition and attacking communism.

From the themes of this year’s conference speakers it can be seen that, without a doubt, the way the political activists think and their direction of action, there is a department related to the problem. the problem the United States is facing, the problem the world is facing, but has yet to hit the spotlight. Sen. Mike Lee of the state of Utah talked about why the leftists hate the power to amend the US constitution; Former Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, talked about topics such as freedom of speech, freedom of belief, freedom of concentration. Why do people talk about ‘ring’, tyranny and violence on the streets of America; why the US leftist now initiates a “culture of eradication”.

Naturally, a lot of people will talk about election and election fraud, gun problem, education problem, large textured media problem, high-tech companies control people problem. categories, border issues, migration issues. The relatively interesting topic is what kind of person is ultimately manipulating the Biden government? How far will socialism in California go? How can conservatives win back? How did big American companies bend their knees and surrender to the CCP? The last one, of course, was Mr. Trump’s speech on the morning of the final day of the convention.

Mr. Trump will be publicly exposed for the first time after his dismissal, attention to the fact that Mr. Biden has used many administrative decrees to withdraw Mr. Trump’s previous policies. Trump will also make a rare statement condemning Senator Mitch McConnell – leader of the Senate minority party (Republican Party), who is also interested in how Trump can help Republicans win. to Congress again in 2022, or what you plan yourself to be. Has Trump given up fighting over the 2020 outcome? Everyone is waiting very much.

However, no matter how Trump treats this election stealing, how to take the next step, as the flagship and direction of conservativeism, the CPAC meeting needs to make American conservatives realize that if their goal is only to target Democrats and the left, it is inevitable to ‘lose more or less’. That is because whether in the United States to the international community, the CCP’s expansion and the CCP’s communism are humanity’s greatest enemy and the most imminent threat to humanity, it has been in America. America still has hope? Americans need to do?

A few days ago, Mr. Biden said, “Democrats risk doing so little with the power they have in Washington.” For the righteous, the Biden’s reversal actions hurt America too much, but worry too little about it! America is really in high danger. Even the Supreme Court has a biased political stance, the Supreme Court has a political stance, deviating from the original intention of separating and becoming an accomplice of the left wing. American conservatism has a long, difficult way to go if it wants to regain its upper hand.

The current American political scene, not ordinary partisan competition, is not a political confrontation between two parties that everyone is familiar with. This time there is a difference, because American politics and American politics both incorporate the evil element and image of Chinese Communism. Will traditions, truth and conservatism perish in America? This is decided by the conservatives whether to recognize and distinguish the real enemy of America or not!

TS. Ta Dien – Lecturer at Aiken Business School, University of South Carolina.

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