Mr. Trump added two former prosecutors to the defense team for the impeachment trial

TS. Ta Dien: The impeachment case of testing the moral conscience of American politicians

This unconstitutional impeachment is the biggest scandal in the history of American democracy. Politicians who know the law but break the law will be nailed to the shameful pillar of history.

On February 13, local time in the United States, the US Senate voted no through the impeachment of former President Trump, and Mr. Trump was declared innocent. The Vision Times reporter interviewed Dr. Ta Dien, a professor at the Aiken Business School at the University of South Carolina, USA. Dr. Ta Dien said that although the five-day impeachment ended with Mr. Trump’s innocence, the impeachment itself opened up the most humiliating page in US constitutional history.

Mr. Donald Trump. (Photo: Joyce N. Boghosian / White House)

The biggest scandal in US constitutional history

There is information that the impeachment of the former TT. Trump is unconstitutional, why is it conducted? And still get the support of some in the Senate? Dr. Ta Dien said: “This is a real shame. I think this is an irony to the American people, to the American politics, to the United States, and even to the liberal democratic political system of humanity. That is also a huge disgrace. This story will certainly go down in history, is one of the biggest scandals, a huge stain in the history of politics, in the constitutional politics and democracy of the United States. And the people involved in it, I think they’ll be nailed to the shameful pillar of history.

We have seen many politicians for their own selfishness, jealousy and resentment, joking with the public apparatus, turning an institution that defends democracy and the rule of law that is widely regarded as sacred. spiritual success a political tool, so that political parties can achieve their own goals. “

Trump’s office statement: Justice becomes an instrument of political retaliation

Dr. Ta Dien said: “I think the statement was made by TT’s office. Trump came up after the impeachment as great. The statement said: A political party can arbitrarily slander the rule of law, slander the law enforcement agency, praise thugs, defend rioters, turn judiciary into countless revenge politics, persecution, blacklisting, wiping out and suppressing all people and dissent. This is the sadness of our time. This statement basically summarizes this impeachment farce very accurately.

These Democrats, we know, are defaming the rule of law in America. Even when the justices of the Supreme Court were unwilling to participate, they put a Democrat senator on the judge. Therefore, the Democratic Party is both a judge, a jury, and a witness. All are self-acting, and defame law enforcement.

You see, when Democrats need it, they can take advantage of the ‘Black people worth living’ (BLM) and Antifa movement to smash and plunder, stirring these illegal immigrants into the United States. , for their political purposes. The Capitol Hill ‘riot’ was essentially carried out by anti-TT people. Trump. ”

Provide fake evidence, discrediting TT. Trump

Dr. Ta Dien pointed out: “On the first day of the impeachment, the Senate first votes to decide whether the impeachment is unconstitutional. This is very absurd. The correct approach should be that the Supreme Court should decide whether it is unconstitutional or not. They decided for themselves, then with the objections of 45 senators, the impeachment process proceeded unreasonably. Of course, we’ve seen a lot of headwind during the impeachment week, Democrats impeachment managers constantly revising their strategy and wording of some of the allegations during this time. They used the fake news channel CNN and other reports, cut the top and bottom, changed the date, re-edited, and used those as fake evidence. ”

Knowing the law but breaking the law, destroying conscience

Dr. Ta Dien said that in general, in any prosecution case, if the prosecutor or the prosecutor uses fake evidence, the case should be withdrawn immediately. “But they still try to do it to the end without shame. The case has been exposed but they still want to continue. Moreover, Mr. Trump’s lawyers also testified that they modified the date, in fact this fact has been stretched for nearly a year, making things that are not inherently unrelated to one another. They dare to commit serious illegal acts in the midst of transparency. Therefore, I think this has completely exceeded the conscience limit of ordinary people.

The impeachment managers belong to these Democrats, in fact they have a legal and judicial background. They are lawyers, not do not understand the law, so this is really a matter of conscience and morality. Finally, to humiliate TT. Trump and considered impeachment an act of real discrediting, they also wanted to call witnesses to court, including the president. Trump.

At this point, I think Mr. Trump’s team of lawyers has done a great job. They did the opposite, beating him on the back with his cane, and immediately listed 301 witnesses. We have seen this list displayed on the Internet. The first was Mrs. Pelosi, also Mrs. Harris … When the Democrat impeachment manager saw this list, he immediately removed it from the list and humorously declared that he No witness subpoena will be issued. This also led to the shameful outcome of the impeachment with 57 votes in favor of 43 against. “

Waste of tens of millions of dollars on taxpayers

Dr. Ta Dien (Xie Tian), professor of Aiken Business School at the University of South Carolina, USA. (Photo: Epoch Times).

Dr. Ta Dien also said we know that this impeachment has failed, the 7 Republicans are also very shameless when they betray the conservative voters and their own Republicans. “On the whole, I think they basically know they did the wrong thing. Everyone knows that this impeachment will not be successful. They are wasting this resource, wasting the time and tax money of the American people. This impeachment could waste millions, even tens of millions of dollars on the American people. At the same time, they are wasting precious time that should be spent as a legislator as a member of Congress. ”

The impeachment case caused serious harm to the United States, pleasing the CCP

Dr. Ta Dien added that we know that this impeachment initiated by the Democratic Party has another purpose. “That is wanting 45th President Donald Trump to lose all the fundamental interests of a retired president and prevent him from running again in 2024. These Democrats, there is a a deep resentment towards Mr. Trump. They are very afraid, indeed both hatred and fear.

As for the impeachment case, I actually don’t think it’s a good thing, it’s just a ridiculous joke. This really shouldn’t have happened. What happened was the shame of the US politics and Congress, as well as the shame of the Democrats in the US House of Representatives. This is a serious unconstitutional political persecution, especially in the United States, which is seen as the beacon of freedom and democracy. This incident makes the whole world, especially the evil forces of communism, and evil countries like the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Iran, truly rejoice. So I think the Democrat impeachment has deeply hurt the country and the people of America. “

Ly Tinh Nhu, Vision Times, Video interview

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