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Try the Magi + app: create a video that controls rain / fire, making the super hero follow the TikTok trend

Magi + is an application that will help you fulfill your dream of "becoming a superhero", know magic, transform yourself into Doctor Strange / Iron Man / Thor, … without having to be good at Photoshop / after effect .. . Remembering the video makes rain stop, the famous "swipe" over TikTok? This application will also integrate. You just need to open up, press dial, deep play is done !! In short, all effects have a worrying application, your job is to act deeply. This application yesterday I surfed Facebook to see the ad (probably because I watched the video too much), so I shared it with you who do not know.

Sad news: Android test is not available =. = Android brothers use After Effect.

Using free, we will not have many effects, full features but still enough ^^. It's only free for 3 days, you can take it all in 3 days (free stuff is not much ) .. Those who are passionate about "living virtual", want to use longer, want to have enough sets, give up 160k for weekly packages, 700k for monthly packages or buy one time for every 800k price to use forever :)).

Loading magi + -1.jpg ...

How to create a video: simply select the effect you want (control Rain, Iron Hero, Doctor Strange, …), press spin, follow the instructions and then save or share the video you just made. In short, using the App is simple. Whether video creates "good" or not depends on how deep / fast you are. Acting like me will be quite fail ^^. Have a nice time.

Loading 2.jpg ...

If you like, add a vivid color effect. Well, the video at the preview is dim, but after generating – the processing is still good, brother.


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