LS Castor: Not taking the matter of "election stealing" to impeachment trial

Trump’s team of lawyers: ‘Majority of the House’ is afraid of facing Trump in the future

According to The Epoch Times, the lawyers of former President Donald Trump on Tuesday (February 9) made the opening argument during the impeachment trial in the Senate, which confirmed that Democrats in Lower The institute tried to impeach Mr. Trump because they feared facing him as a political opponent by 2024.

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“You will never hear anyone representing former President Trump say anything other than that, what happened on January 6 in the chaos and infiltration of the Capitol should be condemned. on the most powerful terms, ” the chief lawyer of the impeachment group of impeachment Mr. Bruce Castor spoke in the Senate.

Mr. Castor also repeated the arguments he and other lawyers made in his pre-trial summary, asserting that the Senate’s holding of a trial impeaching a former president was a violation of the Constitution. time shows the determination of the Democrats to prevent Mr. Trump from running again in the future.

“We’re really here because the majority of the House members don’t want to face Donald Trump as a political rival in the future, that’s the real reason we’re here,” he added that “The political pendulum will change one day, one room and the other will change someday and partisan impeachments will become common.”.

Earlier, on January 13, the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives voted to pass the impeachment clause of Mr. Trump on the allegation that “incite rebellion“In the hacking of the Capitol on Jan. 6. Trump, for his part, has denied these claims. Trump actually called on protesters not to engage in acts of violence and then he asked them to “Come back home in peace”.

At the same time, his lawyers also affirmed that his speech that day was protected by the First Amendment on freedom of expression of the US Constitution. In this impeachment, there are no criminal charges against the former president.

In response to the argument that President Trump could not be impeached after leaving office, Democrat Joe Neguse (Colorado), one of the impeachment managers in the House of Representatives, declared “On the issue of impeachment, with no exception this past January, that presidents could not commit serious crimes in their final days and escape any response from Congress.”

Another impeachment trial administrator, Democrat David Cicilline (state Rhode Island), said the riot on the Capitol was one “Disaster is part of history”, also added that the rioters “May have killed all of us”.

Managers, led by Democratic Congressman Jamie Raskin (Maryland), released a selectively edited video about the Capitol Chaos on Jan. 6.

“At least 7 people were killed, more than 140 law enforcement officers were physically injured and many others were severely affected by their experiences that day” – This is an entry at the end of the video, Notably this video does not include a statement of Mr. Trump to supporters that they should express their voices “Peacefully and patriotically”.

Plus, he Trump also spoke out against the violence in a video released on Twitter before his account was permanently locked.

Regarding the impeachment trial, Democrats will face an uphill battle in the Senate, because currently up to 45 Republican senators have voted in favor of the resolution considering this trial as a give. The Senate must have at least 2/3 of the necessary votes (67 votes) to be able to charge the former President.

Republican Senator Rand Paul (Kentucky) said on February 7 that the second impeachment of former President Donald Trump was nothing more than a “partisan farce“With the chance of being charged in the Senate asequal zero“.

While, Republican Rep. Jim Jordan on Feb. 9 also said on Fox News that Democrats have “Obsessions“With impeaching Donald Trump for”they are afraid of him“.

According to Mr Jordan, the violence that happened at the Capitol on Jan. 6 was not a real concern for the Democrats, as unlike Republicans, who consistently condemn major acts of violence. treatment, “Democrats are not, and now they’re politically blaming what happened at the Capitol.”

Mr. Jordan commented: “Democrats will go to the end because they are obsessed with removing President Trump. They are afraid of him. They know he works for the American people, not the Washington Marsh. Unlike most politicians, President Trump did what he said he would do. Hopefully one day, he will do it again ”.

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