Trump's spokesperson denied that the former president would ignore the CPAC if Mr. Pence was present

Trump’s spokesperson denied that the former president would ignore the CPAC if Mr. Pence was present

An adviser to former President Donald Trump dismissed a report claiming the former commander-in-chief had told his advisers he would not speak at the Rightist Political Action Conference (CPAC) held on This end of February is in Florida if former Vice President Mike Pence is also in attendance.

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The Washington Examiner, citing anonymous sources, said Trump told his comrades that if Mr. Pence was at CPAC 2021, he would not attend. “For [ông] Trump, there’s no way back for it [ông] Pence, Washington Examiner quoted “A source close to the former president“. The source added: “[Ông] Trump did not want to stand on the same stage as his former deputy“.

However, Mr Trump’s adviser Jason Miller on Monday (February 22) wrote on Twitter: “The story of [tờ Washington Examiner] is completely wrong, and attacks with “anonymous sources” to cause sharing are the reason why people disgust the media “.

President Trump has not made any such demands or requests, and in fact, President Trump and Vice President Pence had a great conversation last week.”Mr. Miller wrote.

But for Mr. Pence, the former Vice President will not attend CPAC 2021, scheduled to take place from February 25 to February 28 in Orlando, Florida, according to CPAC organizer Matt Schlapp.

I will encourage him to come ”, Says Matt Schlapp. He said former Vice President Pence has declined an invitation to attend CPAC 20201. “I think the right-wing movement and the right-wing community want to hear their leaders speak and want to listen to those who want to lead this movement in the future. All of that will start on Friday [25/2] in Orlando“, Said Mr. Schlapp.

CPAC CEO Dan Schneider also told MSNBC on Sunday (February 21): “We are delighted that the president will be with us, and we are disappointed that the vice president will not come. We think it was his mistake. We rightists think of Vice President Pence with great honor and respect. He is a true warrior of conservatism“. Mr. Schneider added that Mr. Pence has spoken more than a dozen times at CPAC over the years. And this year, if Mr. Pence does, he will be “Warmly welcomed“.

According to The Epoch Times, in addition to former President Trump, other people expected to speak at CPAC 2021 include: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, former Minister of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson, Sen. Josh Hawley, Rep. Andy Biggs, Rep. Matt Gatez, among others.

If he speaks at the upcoming CPAC 2021, it will be the first time that Mr. Trump has appeared in public since he left the White House on January 20.

Many polls over the past time show that former President Trump is still receiving a great deal of confidence from the Republican voters.

A recent poll found that 73% of Republican voters said that its leaders should “like“Mr. Trump over.

A Rasmussen survey also found that 42% of voters said “The recent impeachment process for Trump has not caused them to change their views on the former president“.

According to a Suffolk University-USA Today survey released on Sunday, former President Trump is not only still leading the Republican Party, but he appears to have it.

According to the survey, nearly half of Republicans said they would leave the party to follow former President Trump to join a third party.

A CBS survey earlier this month also found that about 70% of Republicans would join or consider joining a new political party if Mr. Trump formed that new one. In addition, according to this survey, 46% of respondents who confirmed to be a Republican member said they believed that the party remained loyal to Trump “very important“, And 27% say that loyalty is”so important“.

Meanwhile, a survey released a few days later revealed that 36% of Republicans consider Trump the best US president ever, outperforming President Ronald Reagan (18%). , President Abraham Lincoln (got 13%) and President George Washington (got 11%).

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