Trump was 'rejected' by Mexico.

The Mexican president flatly rejected an offer from his American counterpart to help the country kill drug gangs following the massacre of a Mormon family in northern Mexico.

On November 5, US President Donald Trump tweeted that it was time for Mexico to launch a war against drug gangs and "eradicate them from Earth with help from the United States." ".

President Trump offered to help Mexico eliminate drug gangs. Photo: AP

In a previous Twitter message, the White House leader said that Mexican gangs had grown so strong that the neighboring government "sometimes needed an army to defeat an army."

However, during a press conference later on November 5, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador flatly rejected Trump's request to deploy US troops to the border area between the two countries to support him. Support the fight against drug criminals.

Mr. Obrador thanked his US counterpart and "any foreign government that wanted to help", but emphasized in such cases Mexico would have to "act independently, constitutionally and in accordance with system of independence and sovereignty. "

The RT newspaper quoted Obrador as saying that Mexico does not need "foreign intervention" in addressing security issues. But he also reassured President Trump that Mexican government agencies would ensure justice was enforced.

The remarks came after the massacre of a family living in the Mormon community in northern Mexico on November 4. At least nine US and Mexican dual nationals, including three women and six children, were killed when three cars carrying them were attacked in the daytime by drug gang members in the Sierra Madre Occidental region. near the US border.

According to Fox news agency, 5 victims were taken to emergency at a hospital in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. However, one child is still missing and Mexican authorities are conducting a search campaign in the states of Chihuahua and Sonora.

Local authorities said the criminals may confuse the family with members of a rival gang. However, according to Mexican media, at least two members of this family were kidnapped and murdered 10 years ago, most likely for opposing drug trafficking groups.

There have been more than 250,000 murders since the Mexican government sent the military to engage in drug crime in the country since 2006. Last month gang members took cars, carrying machine guns that terrorized Culiacan city and gun battle for hours with the police.

A few days earlier, 13 Mexican police officers were ambushed and murdered by criminals in a separate attack.

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