Mr. Trump warned the Iranian leader

Trump warned the Iranian leader “to be careful with his words”.

Earlier in the day, Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khameinei, presiding over a sixth prayer in Tehran, said the assassination of General Qassem Soleimani revealed the US “terrorist nature”. He also called President Trump “a fool.”

US President Donald Trump responded to Khamenei’s speech with a series of tweets. He affirmed that the Iranian economy “is plummeting, and the people are suffering,” and warned the Iranian leader “to be very careful with his words.”

The White House leader described Iran’s supreme leader as “not very supreme”, and called what Mr. Khamenei said about the US and Europe “very mean”.

Mr. Trump responded to the criticism of the Iranian leader

It seems that to enhance the effectiveness of his own tweet, a few minutes later Mr. Trump wrote another tweet, but this time in Persian. He called on Iran’s leadership to “make Iran great again.”

“The elite people of Iran, who love America, deserve a government that is more interested in helping them achieve their dreams than killing them because they have asked to be respected. Instead of leading Iran to perdition, its leaders should give up terror and make Iran great again! ”, The White House boss wrote in Persian.

On January 17, the Supreme Leader of Iran also posted on social networks, accusing “the evil US government” of being hypocritical. This tweet has been quoted by Mr. Trump in his series of tweets.



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