Trump: The news that I ignored the early warning about the Chinese virus is Fake News!

Trump: The news that I ignored the early warning about the Chinese virus is Fake News!

In the face of rising news that US intelligence had given early warning of the Wuhan pneumonia but was disregarded by Mr. Trump, the angry President affirmed that this was fake news.

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During a press conference at the White House on March 21, Mr. Trump was asked about an article from the Washington Post that he had ignored and did nothing after the early warnings of US newspaper sex during the meetings. sealed in January and February about the new corona virus (which Mr. Trump called the Chinese virus).

“Donald Trump may not have expected this, but many people in the administration have taken this into account. But they could not convince him to do anything about it“, Wrote the Washington Post, citing an anonymous federal official. “Although the president was turned on the red warning light”.

This article was later narrated by various news outlets in the US as well as many other countries.

On Saturday, Mr. Trump called the article “humiliating” and “extremely inaccurate.”

“It is impertinent for them to write fake stories that they themselves know are fake news because they don’t insult me. They are insulting everyone, the extraordinary people who have worked so hard, for a long time without thinking of anything else but the invisible enemy we face. ”

Contrary to the allegations that he “did not do anything,” Trump pointed out that he had taken early action to protect Americans from the disease when it first broke out in China, such as a border ban with China from at the end of January and then increased to a ban on the entry of foreigners who had been to China within the previous 14 days. After that, the US president continued to sign a ban on travel with Iran and Europe – a decision criticized by both US and EU officials but proved to be correct. This week, the US continues to negotiate with Mexico and Canada to limit unnecessary travel across the US border.

“I tell you, there is only a very small, very small group with me [đồng ý cấm biên từ sớm]. Most of the people, even working at the White House then strongly opposed me”Mr. Trump said. “Saving many weeks is a powerful thing. And when they constantly talk about taking action early, my decisions are final. ”

After that I also closed early with Europe, very soon. ”, he continued. “And so I was also attacked a lot. But that is a good thing. Now they’re doing the same thing. So I did not take action slowly. I took action soon. I acted much earlier than anyone else thought. ”

During the press conference, Trump criticized China for keeping the virus a secret.

I have gained a lot of recognition for closing the border very early for a seriously affected ChinaMr. Trump said at the latest press conference. “Unfortunately, China, I wish China told us more about what happened there long before we read the news about it.”

Despite the objections of WHO, Beijing and many political rivals and the domestic media, Mr. Trump repeatedly called the Sars-CoV-2 virus that caused the disease a Chinese virus and said China’s secret actions is making the world pay dearly.

However, he still insisted he was “very respectful” of Chinese President Xi Jinping:

“China has been very secretive. They are very secretive. And that is an unfortunate thing. I respect this country very much. I respect their leaders very much. He is my friend, but I wish they could have told us earlier. ”

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