Trump supporters openly bring guns to protest
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Trump supporters openly bring guns to protest

Mr. Biden on 7/11 announced on his being elected President of the United States. Previously, major American media, based on their own calculations, had reported that the 78-year-old Democratic candidate won the election and became the 46th US president and the oldest head of state. in the history of the country.

The Washington Post quoted sources as saying that people close to Donald Trump advised the US President to be prepared for the fact that he had lost the presidential election, but Mr. Trump did not accept that and was preparing to for legal warfare.

The Washington writes that, for the past two days, advisers to the incumbent head of state have discussed with him the prospect of losing the election and how he should act in the event of such a result. .

According to the newspaper some of Trump’s entourage favors making public statements, pledging to ensure a peaceful transition of power, if Mr. Biden is declared the winner of the presidential election. .

The newspaper noted that if he lost the election, Mr. Trump would not admit defeat in the traditional format and give a “noble and generous speech” but with a “baseless” nature, as he did. in the past few days that the election was stolen – The Washington Post wrote.

The cancer patient, Mr. Trump confesses to her expression
Trump supporters openly carried submachine guns during protests in Harrisburg. Photo: Mark Pynes / AP

One of the newspaper’s sources stressed that the incumbent President said that his opponent had yet to be confirmed as the winner in any state.

Mr. Trump said that Mr. Biden intends to count all votes, including “fraudulent votes”. The President promised that he would not stop until “the American people received an honest vote count”, and announced the preparation of lawsuits to defend his views.

According to the US newspaper, Mr. Trump spent most of November 6 in the White House Oval Office, watching news of the election, and urging supporters and advisers to “fight for him. me “.

While Mr. Trump’s advisers prepare for a legal battle, supporters of Donald Trump staged demonstrations outside buildings in several state capitals across the country on Nov. 7. As well as their president – they refuse to admit defeat – the AP company commented.

According to the agency, protesters chanted “It’s not over yet!” and “Stop theft”. The demonstrations took place of varying degrees and scale, across cities like Atlanta, Tallahassee, Austin, Bismarck, Boise and Phoenix.

The cancer patient, Mr. Trump confesses to her expression
Trump supporters in Lansing – the state capital of Michigan. Photo: Jim West / Zuma Wire / Rex / Shutterstock

In particular, in Atlanta, Georgia, about a thousand Trump supporters gathered near the parliament house, shouted, “Lock him up. [Biden]”Someone shouted,” This is not the end! This is not the end! “And” Fake news “.

According to the US news agency, the crowd varied in size from a few tens to a few thousand people. On the streets of the city one can observe the flags and banners of Trump supporters.

Clashes broke out in a number of cities, but it was special that some of them openly carried weapons with them.

This information has made analysts very concerned. A recent study has shown that, when crowd psychology is provoked by claims of “fraud”, “deception”, it is very likely that psychosocial arousal leading to action is not. controllable.

Therefore, observers believe that the risk of a riot outbreak in the coming days is very worrying.



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