Added video news Trump 'has not regretted' for the Capitol Hill riots

Trump ‘has not regretted yet’ for the Capitol Hill riots

Trump’s advisers have said he has yet to show remorse for putting Pence’s former vice president at risk during the Capitol Hill riots.

Parliamentarians in charge of impeachment of former President Donald Trump of the House of Representatives on February 10 released a new video of the January 6 riots showing Vice President Mike Pence and his family quickly escorted away by US agents. Go when protesters attack Capitol Hill.

This confirmed what Pence aides had said after a few days of rioting. Some of them resent Trump and believe he put his vice president in danger.

Former US Vice President Mike Pence and his family were evacuated by agents during the riots at the parliament building on January 6. Video CNN.

The former president’s advisers say the relationship between Pence and Trump has not improved after what happened. According to the source, Pence and Trump “discussed everything” about what happened on January 6 but at that time, both were more concerned about the inauguration date of January 20.

“He made a point at the next meeting,” the source said of Pence. The source added that Trump showed no regrets for putting the former vice president in danger at the congressional meeting to confirm Joe Biden’s victory.

“It’s not his style,” said a Trump adviser.

However, this source said that the relationship between the former president and Pence could be “healed” over time.

Another Trump adviser said the former president wanted to flaunt the strength of his supporters through the Capitol Hill riots. “Trump likes power. He has seen people strongly fight for him,” he said.

A source close to who discussed the second impeachment session with the former president admitted the situation was “very bad” for Trump because the recently revealed video was “hard to deny”.

When asked if Trump regrets, however, the person laughed and said that for the former president there was nothing more insulting than saying “sorry”. The source added that Democrats have found it difficult to condemn Trump and stop him from running again, so they are trying to do the best they can: stir public opinion to squint about the former president to the point that he cannot re-run. run for office.

Donald Trump spoke to a crowd of protesters in Washington on January 6.  Photo: Bloomberg.

Donald Trump spoke to a crowd of protesters in Washington on January 6. Image: Bloomberg.

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