Former President Trump gave a thumbs up cheering for a supportive crowd in Palm Beach, Florida, on Feb. 15.  Photo: AFP.

Trump first appeared after escaping impeachment

Trump sat in the armored car, giving him a thumbs-up to a cheering crowd of supporters in Florida after the Senate released him.

Two days after being acquitted by the Senate during his impeachment trial, former US President Donald Trump on February 15 appeared in front of a crowd of supporters in Palm Beach, Florida.

Trump supporters gathered on either side of the road, waving Trump flags and a sign that read “Happy Presidential Day”. Presidential Day is celebrated on the third Monday of February, to commemorate George Washington’s birthday. This year’s Presidential Day falls on February 15.

Although not in front of the crowd, the armored car carrying Trump moved slowly as it passed the crowd and the former president smiled from inside the car, then raised two thumbs to supporters.

According to videos and photos circulating on social media, the crowd supporting Trump carries the slogan “Make America Great Again” and repeatedly chants the former president’s name. Many ardent supporters even shouted “Everyone knows you won” or “We love Mr. Trump”, “We love our president”.

Former President Trump gave a thumbs up cheering for a supportive crowd in Palm Beach, Florida, on Feb. 15. Image: AFP.

“This means a lot to us. We come here and support the man who should be in the White House now,” said the man named Samir, one of Trump’s supporters. organize demonstrations, share.

Although he left office on January 20, Trump still received love from many people, especially in Palm Beach, Florida, where he and his family moved in after leaving the White House. The influence with Trump on the crowd of supporters is considered the factor that keeps him “king” in the current Republican Party.

Trump appeared for the first time after being acquitted

A crowd of supporters cheered when an armored car carrying former President Donald Trump appeared in Palm Beach, Florida, on February 15. Video: Twitter /

After leaving the White House, Trump appeared less in public, partly because he was suspended or permanently blocked by social media. After being pardoned for a second time by the Senate, the former president is expected to return soon to assert his power.

With 57 positive and 43 negative votes in the allegation of inciting riot in the parliament building on January 6, the US Senate did not have enough votes to convict former President Trump, ending the attempt to impeach him. second of the Democrats.

President Joe Biden has called on the American people to be vigilant, have a responsibility to protect the truth when commenting on the Senate pardoning Trump. House Speaker Pelosi meanwhile criticized Senate Republican leader McConnell and its members “cowardly” for having acquitted Trump.

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