Former President Donald Trump (left) and former Vice President Mike Pence at the White House in March 2020.  Photo: Reuters.

Trump criticized Pence as deputy ‘ran wild’

Trump criticized Pence on Twitter 10 minutes after it was reported that his vice president was being evacuated during the Capitol Hill riot.

Tommy Tuberville, a Republican senator from Alabama, told reporters on Feb. 10 that on January 6, President Donald Trump called him to offer to help delay the congressional certification of victory. Joe Biden’s election. However, the call was cut short when the Capitol Hill riots broke out.

“He didn’t get a chance to talk much, because I announced, ‘Mr. President, they just got the Vice President out, I have to go,'” Tuberville recounts. The senator’s statement shows that Trump is fully aware of the situation his “deputy” is going through in the riots.

President Donald Trump (left) and Vice President Mike Pence at the White House in March 2020. Image: Reuters.

Security camera video showed Pence being taken from the Senate meeting room at 14:14. Just 10 minutes later, Trump tweeted aimed at Pence, arguing that the vice president is not doing his best to reverse the election results thanks to the role of Senate president, although it is practically impossible.

“Mike Pence did not have the courage to do what should be done, to protect our country and our constitution,” Trump wrote on Twitter at 14:24 on January 6.

Video shows that during the riot broke out, Pence, secret agents and an officer in charge of his nuclear suitcase ran down the stairs inside the parliament building to find shelter, while the crowd was rampant. only a few dozen meters away from them. The video also recorded protesters shouting “Hang Mike Pence”.

Pence’s nuclear suitcase is also believed to have almost fell into the hands of a violent mob during the incident.

Tuberville’s comment came at the end of the second day of Trump’s Senate impeachment trial, on charges of inciting riot on Capitol Hill. The former president’s anonymous advisers said he showed no remorse for putting Pence in danger, adding that the relationship between the two has not improved after what happened.

Trump’s supporters on Jan. 6 stormed the US parliament building to protest Biden’s election, when Pence was seen as a “traitor” for failing to support an attempt to overturn election results.

Luster (According to the Newsweek)


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